Activists’ Coalition Protest Paulson’s $700 BN Wall Street Bailout

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[Comment: Election 2008]

When poor and homeless people ask the government for help, they're told that low-income housing and living wage jobs are not a government priority because this country is built on "personal responsibility"and people need to "make better decisions."

When giant banking corporations are on the brink of total collapse because they have made a systematic series of bad business decisions -because they can- the government gives them a trillion dollars.

The Administration even wants to include multi-million dollar "golden parachutes" for the corporate executives who made those bad decisions.

When a homeless mother and her children seek shelter from the City and are turned away because "they have other housing resources" but have to sleep in the emergency room at Lincoln Hospital because they really don't, the City and the media paint her as abusing the systemand their tough stance is spun as encouraging self-sufficiency.

Where is the "personal responsibility" for the rich? Why is democracy and freedom confused with the free market when we talk about the poor but the rich get State-sponsored corporate bail outs and tax breaks?

Why is it that when we demand healthcare, education, housing, and real jobs, the government is too cash-strapped to help out - but they've got  trillions of dollars for unjust wars and corporate communism?

On Thursday, September 25, at 4pm, “Picture the Homeless” will be joining a giant protest in the Financial District alongside what we hope to be the thousands of you reading this, against the trillion dollar buyout of  the banking barons.

Meet us in the plaza at the southern end of Bowling Green Park, which is the small triangular park that has the Wall Street bull at the northern tip.

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