Annual South Africa Week Promotes Business And Tours

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Top level business leaders, government officials, artists and academic leaders from South Africa and beyond will gather in Washington, DC during the week of Congressional Black Caucus for the Fifth Annual South Africa Week. 

From Monday, September 22th to Saturday, September 27th, the event will feature a US-South Africa Business Forum, meetings and visits to Capitol Hill, roundtable discussions, social and cultural events dedicated to promoting US investment in South Africa and the ongoing transformation process.

South Africa Week is designed to accomplish the following goals:

[] Raise awareness in the US about investment and other business opportunities in South Africa.
[] Promote South Africa as a tourist destination and help generate momentum leading up to the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
[] Create a dialogue on economic, political and social issues confronting South Africa and the US.
[] Increase interest and involvement in the ongoing empowerment and transformation process in South Africa.
[] Celebrate South African culture through music, art and cuisine.

Following is a tentative schedule of events for South Africa Week 2008:
Monday, September 22er 2007; VIP Welcome Reception. 

Tuesday, September 23Wednesday, 26 September 2007; U.S. South Africa Week International Business Forum.
Themes:  1) The state of the South African economy; 2) Doing business in South Africa,
3) Investment opportunities in South African municipalities and cities, 4) Infrastructure development, 5) South African jewelry and precious metals; 6) Projects financing and investment resources.

Wednesday, September 24: South African Marketplace (9/24 –9/27). Washington Convention Center: South African arts and craft, jewelry and precious metals, clothing.

U.S.-South Africa Week International Business Forums continues. Evening: South African Fashion Show and Wine Tasting.

Thursday, September 25: 2010 Soccer World Cup Promotion and Celebration (This day aims to focus on the 2010 World Cup and South Africa as a tourist destination).

Evening: World Cup Reception, Dinner and Entertainment  (featuring a performance by a major South African/US group)

Friday, September 26: Congressional Black Caucus Brain Trust Events. Meetings & Visits to Capitol Hill
Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference Receptions.

Saturday, September 27: Congressional Black Caucus Dinner. South Africa Week Music Extravaganza Concert (featuring South African award winning artist HHP amongst others).

For more information on South Africa Week, visit

There is a 7 days package, and if interested in attending South Africa Week events, please contact Judith Mwanza at or the organizer and founder Kennedy Khabo at (202) 904-3361 or .  For media inquiries, contact Sherry J. Bitting at or at (347)-526-8162.  Interview and photo opportunities will be available at select events with pre-approved press authorization only.

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