Atlanta Cops Kill 92-Year Old Ma

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(Atlanta Police chief Richard Pennington could have a crisis at hand).

If this is not the straw that breaks the camel’s back, nothing will.

Kathryn Johnston, 92 years old, was safe at her home until around 7 P.M. last night minding her business and probably thinking about Thanks Giving when three Atlanta Narcotics police officers kicked her door in, toting an alleged, legal warrant.

Gunshots erupted and when the smoke cleared, Ma Johnston was dead. Fearful for her life, at people she must have believed to be intruders, she managed to take down three of them with gunshot wounds. Ma Johnston died on the spot, riddled with police bullets.

“They killed my aunt,� Ma Johnston’s relative mournfully told the news media today. “They shot her down like a dog. She’s 92-years old.  I gave her this house – that’s my house—They kicked her door in saying there were drugs. They done the wrong house and they killed her.�

Incompetent news organizations such as CNN, on their article carrying the story today refer to the takedown of the 92 year old as a “shootout.� A shootout implies more or less balanced forces—can you picture a 92-year-old woman ducking behind a sofa and firing at police? This linguistic gymnastics is part of the mainstream media’s instant collusion in cover-ups that we see repeatedly in this country. Wouldn’t you fire back at individuals that burst into your home at night and kicked down your door?

“As the officers approached the residence, there was a female inside,� an Atlanta Police Department spokesperson told The Black Star News today. “Once the officers made their presence known and announced police – open fire – an officer was struck in the arm, another officer was struck in the shoulder and in the thigh.  Officers returned fire hitting the female and at that time the officers were rushed to the hospital and the female was deceased on the scene.�

Added the spokesperson: “Our narcotics agents made an undercover drug transaction that day, that hour, from the same house.� If anyone buys this story, then I’m the Queen of England. Why would a 92 year old woman open fire at individuals who “made their presence known and announced police�?

A spokesperson told The Black Star News that Atlanta Mayor Shirley Clarke-Franklin wouldn’t speak to this newspaper “at this time.� There are enough holes to sink two Titanics in this story—The Black Star News will continue to update its readers about Ma Johnston’s sad demise.

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