Black Couple Offering Courses On Credit And Financial Independence

The Common Cents Couple is dedicated to helping everyone that wants to learn, discover the power of credit!
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We all know how important credit is to get a house, car, or a loan – but did you know good credit could also be the key to your financial freedom?

Optimizing your credit is no easy journey, but it’s exactly what Aleisha and Anthony: The Common Cents Couple, did. By improving their credit and leveraging it to their advantage, they were able to obtain multiple streams of income, grow a business, and Anthony was able to retire from his 9-5 job last September. Now, they want to share what they’ve learned with others to empower them to have financial independence.

They offer a variety of credit-related classes, including Mastering Personal Credit, The Truth About Business Credit, and an advanced credit class that teaches how to leverage credit and fly for free. The personal credit class is a great starting point for beginners who want to learn the basics and fundamentals of credit, like how to properly apply for credit cards, how to pay your credit cards to give you the maximum credit score boost, what your credit reports should look like, and much more. The business credit class teaches how to correctly set up a business to get approved for lines of credit and business funding. Finally, the advanced credit course teaches people how to make money using credit cards and building rewards and cash back to obtain free flights and hotels.

In 2018, Anthony and Aleisha decided to take a closer look at their credit after feeling unsatisfied with their work-life balance and financial situation. Although they knew their credit was decent, they didn't have a solid understanding of how to use it effectively to build wealth. After doing much research, they hired a company to clean up their credit and started building it rapidly, applying different strategies for almost guaranteed credit approvals. They use their several credit cards to their advantage and to continuously build their credit score. This has allowed them access to more opportunities and greatly improve their financial situation and lifestyle.

"We control our own time now because of the power of credit," Aleisha expressed.

The Common Cents Couple is dedicated to helping everyone that wants to learn, discover the power of credit! However, they want to encourage other married couples to sign up for their upcoming course: Unlock Your Legacy. The duo will soon be launching a presale of this course where they will teach married couples how to improve communication, build and stack credit, and buy their time back.

They're also available to book for speaking engagements at schools, events, and other organizations.

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