Bush Sells USA Cheap

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Who could really blame President George W. Bush for not knowing why everyone else is concerned about the safety of our borders and ports – post 9/11? 

This is the same president who selected former Correction Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik to head Homeland Security – ignoring his shady criminal background. Bush is also responsible for putting unqualified Michael “hecka’va job� Brown in charge of FEMA and Bush has yet to explain his untimely response to the New Orleans flood victims.

Maybe it’s just me, but, are we still being searched before entering every government building, court, and school? Are we constantly being stopped by the police at car checkpoints? Are we being stopped in the subways while our personal property gets searched? Are we still being threatened with another attack while the orange and yellow alert game is played?

This port plan is crazy and an affront to every tax payer. Who in their right mind would sit at a table and discuss having our ports turned over or control without the protection of the US Border police – especially while there’s a “War� going on and American Citizens dying everyday? Bush and his executive board needs to be impeached and sent packing far away from the White House, Capitol Hill and all responsibility relating to United States of America and its Citizens.

What happened to national security? Where is the homeland security? There was never any concern from this Administration for the safety of USA Citizens, because it’s always been about the Benjamins – the mighty dollar. Do you still believe that story about terrorism? There’s a saying, “The truth will set you free.� If the American people’s eyes are not open now that these ports – New York, Miami, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, are on the verge of being sold off – their eyes will never be open.

America has been put up for sale right under the noses of its Citizens. We should not be listening to this out of touch president and stop him from wasting American dollars spilling rhetoric over the airways. Every Citizen should be writing his or her Senator and Congressperson and demand that  they act now to remove this president, stop all foreign deals, put an end to that illegal war, and reopen the 9/11 investigation with a new commission.

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