Contrarian View On Liberals And Conservatives

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When I was in college I noticed that there was a stark difference between Conservatives and Liberals, in many cases so-called Radicals. 

The conservatives were much more liberal in their personal relationships. These conservatives acted upon their beliefs. At Fordham University I had several classmates who were Big Brothers and mentored children.  I remember that several of them were in ROTC (Reserve Officer’s Training Corps)—they all identified as Conservatives.

I never knew one big liberal who ever tutored a child. This includes me; but I vowed to change.

Most of the liberals I knew were too busy smoking weed or drinking beer- the legal age was 18.  One famous, or should I say infamous, left-winger was so drunk at a function that he vomited on the Dean as he began to speak to him. He was not punished for the vomiting. He later became a semi-famous politician in the 1960s and 1970s.

The reason I bring all this up is because some individuals have attacked Senator John McCain, either for adopting a child of color from Bangladesh or for hiding the adoptive child during the primaries last year. That some of these criticisms came from people of color is disturbing to me.

McCain’s wife, Cindy, visited an orphanage in Bangladesh that was run by run by Mother Theresa years ago. Cindy was so moved by the desperate medical condition of the child that she adopted the sickly baby. The baby, named Bridget, would have died if not adopted. It wasn’t about Senator McCain investing in a child of color who would later help win him some Black votes as some perverted critics contended.

In fact, some even forgot the vicious Karl Rover inspired smear campaign that helped derail McCain’s previous presidential run—that he had fathered the child with a Black prostitute. 

John Huntsman, Republican Governor of Utah, and now President Obama’s nominee to be Ambassador to China, has two adopted daughters, one from China and the other from India. 

As for those stalwart liberals such as Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd the only thing that they ever adopted was all night partying.

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