Cops Brutalize Black Preacher

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(Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison).

Saying, “We don’t like it, “the NAACP is seeking justice in the aftermath of the vicious alleged beating and assault on a local Black minister by three White Wake County deputies, apparently over a parking space.

Ronald L. White, president of the South Central - Wake NAACP, says Pastor Robert D. Wise of Garner and his family are still recovering from their horrendous ordeal, and in fact are still having trouble coping.
“He’s in a lot of pain,� White said, adding that beyond medical assistance, Wise and his family are also seeking counseling. “They beat him up real bad.�

Rev. Wise sustained injuries to his face, neck and chest from being beaten three weeks ago in front of his wife and daughter, in addition to being pepper-sprayed and handcuffed. His eleven-year-old daughter was also maced as she defended her father. To add insult to injury, the minister was charged after he was beaten, but never arrested. Pastor Wise could not be reached for comment. He is not expected to be making any further statements at this time because of his condition.

But the minister is quoted as telling the press, “I understand when you’re Black and you’ve being pulled out of a car by two White officers, it’s not going to be pretty.� Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison, who is running for re-election after one term, immediately asked the State Bureau of Investigation to conduct a criminal probe so that Wake County District Attorney C. Colin Willoughby could determine if indictments in this case are warranted.

Sources say after an internal probe to determine any violations of department policy, Sheriff Harrison is disgusted by the incident, and if proven true, wants the book thrown at the deputies responsible. “We’re professionals. We should maintain our professional standards,� Harrison told WRAL-TV last week. “We’re human beings and we make mistakes, but we’re going to deal with it – be fair, honest and above-board. That’s the reason I’m handling it this way. I would rather have an outside agency looking into it so no one can say we did anything improper.�
South Central Wake NAACP Pres. Ronald White says he’s been in constant contact with Sheriff Harrison, and he’s been most cooperative. The three Wake deputies allegedly involved – Christopher Roth, Kevin Hinton and Katie Broda – are all undercover drug officers. They have been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of the SBI probe, and Wake D.A’s determination.

All three have spotless records and have been with the Wake Sheriff’s Dept a minimum of five years each. But if the allegations prove true, they can be fired from the Wake Sheriff’s Dept., and then hauled into court and prosecuted.
The alleged incident took place on Aug. 26 around 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Applebee’s Restaurant on Highway 70 West in Garner. Pastor Wise and his family were pulling out in their vehicle after finishing their meal, when, according to his complaint, a white Suburban pulled up.

A man got out and began screaming at Wise through his window about taking up two parking spaces. The man then allegedly tried to pull Pastor Wise out of his vehicle, grabbing his foot, and twisting it, trying to bait Wise to kick him, “So I have a reason to kick your ass.� Wise’s wife, Cynthia, immediately called 911 on her cell phone to report the incident. “These two supposed federal officers off duty come to our cars, fussing at us because we parked in two parking lots, getting ready to move,� the wife told the 911 operator per a tape of the call that was released. “One jumped on my husband.�

“He’s trying to break the door. Will you stop? Will you’ll leave us alone?� Mrs. Wise is heard screaming on the tape. The daughter was screaming, “Let go of my daddy.� It was at that point that the man identified himself as law enforcement, and allegedly commenced to pepper spraying Pastor Wise and dragging him from his vehicle. That’s when the alleged beating began. Pastor Wise was charged by the same officers who beat him with three counts of assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of resisting a law enforcement officer. However, he was not arrested.

If the investigation confirms the allegations, NAACP expects those charges to be dropped, since the minister and his family were allegedly attacked without reason or provocation, and ultimately were defending themselves. There is also controversy over the officers allegedly delaying the EMS from taking Pastor Wise for treatment at the hospital. Reportedly, and ambulance reported to the scene four minutes after it was called, but paramedics were not allowed to take the beaten and injured minister to the emergency room for at least an hour.

The reason is not clear. “My wife still doesn’t sleep, my daughter is still having nightmares, I’m still in pain,� Pastor Wise told WRAL-TV. “We’re innocent.�

(NNPA Source: The Wilmington Journal)

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