Don’t Be Ashamed Of Sharpton

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It’s has become cliché for people to shoot back “how come you don’t see Al Sharpton take on rappers� whenever Sharpton goes up against the same people we should be taking on; the white supremacist society and its various elements.

Remarks like that only show that we know nothing and have been listening to the wrong people for input on Sharpton. People who know better, white opposers, whose only consolation is to skillfully turn gullible Blacks against him.

I mean, do whites even know why they hate Al? If they blame him for Imus, then apparently they don’t. Much of the reason Alfred Charles Sharpton Jr. weighed in on Don Imus’ 4/4 statements about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team was specifically because of his personal involvement in denouncing those rap artists that make denigrating remarks about mostly Black women in the lyrics of many of their songs.

Many of us in the Black community realize that the women the rappers mention pertain to those from their immediate blocks whom they are intimately involved with and live or seek to live a lifestyle similar to them. Women like the Rutgers-10 who attend college or are in the upwardly mobile workforce are not in the sphere of the “gangsta rap� reality. 

What Imus did was take it a step further by targeting Black girls who are trying their best to stay away from that way of life so as not to be identified with such racist epithets and he insulted their intelligence and appearance in one fell swoop.

What do you call a Black female with a college degree? Ask Imus. Sharpton knew that Black rappers who insist on referring to their own women as “bitches� and “Ho’s� were only giving whites permission to say it. Imus and his racist radio roundtable were known to have been taking pot shots at Black women who have never bothered them or anyone within Imus’ narrow plain of existence other than to better themselves, such as the tennis playing Williams sisters.

Three days after Imus railed against Rutgers Sharpton called for him to be fired. He also led pickets in front of network studios. On 4/11 MSNBC dropped Imus, and the next day CBS had him escorted out the building while he was broadcasting a fundraiser. 

Around the country blue-collar pizza and beer-guzzling white divorcee fathers, Imus’ core audience, were outraged. Don’t blame Al, he was only doing what he had been doing since Jesse Jackson took him under his wing back in the ‘70’s—protecting the rights of Blacks.

Blame Imus for being stupid and his listeners for enabling his racial-holism. Besides, Blacks and whites can learn more in one day of listening to XM-169’s “The Power� with Joe Madison, Ambrose I. Lane, Mark Thompson and Sheryl Underwood, than in six months of Imus, Rush, Stern, Savage and Laura Ingraham.

Black Star News contributor Chris Stevenson is a columnist for the Buffalo Criterion, Contact him at 

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