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Bernard Bailey Kerik while working as Commissioner in the Department of Correction –where I also worked—stole my career November 30, 1999 and attacked my financial well-being, which had an effect on my teenage daughters and family.

In my darkest dream I would have never thought I’d say, God Bless Bernard Bailey Kerik. Had it not been for ole Bernie boy, former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani would still be the leading Republican presidential candidate – a very scary thought.

High crimes and misdemeanors were ignored in New York City under Giuliani’s administration. Criminals in high places were allowed to upgrade their careers and political power – as many of their followers covered their tracks and blocked whistleblowers from telling the truth.

As reports on corruption and wrongdoing continue to come out, you must pay close attention to the dates and time of these criminal acts and questions. Why did it take almost 10 years for this information to be brought to light – or justice if you will?

Bernard Kerik was Giuliani’s commissioner and he was recommended for the Homeland Secretary post. Kerik cleared a White House security investigation background check after being tapped by President George W. Bush and was a shoe-in for the post.

On December 3, 2004, Bush would say to the nation: “Good morning. I'm proud to announce my nomination of Commissioner Bernard Kerik as the Secretary of Homeland Security.” A low budget security outfit would have saved Bush from those embarrassing words because Kerik would have failed their background check, which leaves to question – who is securing the White House?

Kerik, along with Giuliani, used their governmental positions as a power block and wanted to gain control of the Homeland Security post as a road map to the White House for Giuliani. I would have given my left arm just to be a fly on the wall listening to Giuliani and Kerik’s possible conversation on how to use the Homeland Security office to push Giuliani’s agenda to gain the White House.

When Bernard Bailey Kerik was the Commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction (NYDOC) and the New York City Police Department (NYPD) he trespassed against his oath of office and the Constitution of the United Stated when he engaged in what he knew or should have known was criminal activity and exposing his office to known felonies.

There was no media coverage, but on January 16th Kerik was scheduled to appear in Westchester County Federal Court where he now faces a 16-count federal indictment. On November 9, 2007, he entered a “not guilty” plea. No reason was given for rescheduling this trial as Kerik remains free on bail – for now.

Kerik’s trial will commence on February 6th in White Plains. The court records state: “From in or about late 1998, through and including 2006, in the Southern District of New York and elsewhere, Bernard B. Kerik, the defendant, unlawfully, willfully and knowingly, having devised and intending to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud, and to deprive the City of New York and its citizens of their intangible right to the honest services of Bernard B. Kerik, and for the purpose of executing such scheme and artifice and attempting so to do, caused matters and thing to be delivered by mail according to the directions thereon, to with correspondence, invoices, prequalification and background forms, and bidding documents.”

I’ve had a gut feeling since 1995 that Kerik was a criminal to his heart. Way before his Bronx criminal trial – where he was glad to plead guilty to have his felony counts downgraded to misdemeanors and received a slap on the wrist.

Now Kerik’s criminal record has finally caught up with him again. Still, Kerik is still not being charged with the crimes he committed working in civil service as a commissioner. His civil service crimes are being ignored. There are hundreds more counts that can be added to his criminal record, which have been ignored by many politicians, city, state and federal investigative agencies.

Kerik was allowed to spend the holidays in his home and around his family – when in fact – in 1998 when Kerik was the commissioner of Department of Correction, he acting in concert with Republican presidential candidate Giuliani fired hundreds of African and Latino Americans, both uniformed and non-uniformed civil servants right before the holiday. He accused them of being tax cheats, and turned a blind eye to his chief of staff and other high ranking members who also filed tax-exempt forms.

It is ironic that almost 10 years later Kerik is being charged with cheating on his taxes. According to the court records: “Among the means and methods by which Bernard B. Kerik the defendant, corruptly obstructed and impeded, and attempted to obstruct and impede, the due administration of the Internal revenue laws, were the following: over a six year period, from 1999 through 2004, Kerik (1) failed to report in excess of $500,000 in income received from the sources described below; (2) provided false information to his accountants; (3) failed to disclose to his accountants and return prepares substantial income he had received personally and through Gryphon; (4) subscribed to and caused to be filed false U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns, IRS forms 1040: (5) failed to provide information to the IRS about a household employee; and (6) structured his financial transactions to avoid generating documentation which would have alerted the IRS to the falsity of his tax returns.”

There is no good in Kerik; he played on the trust and hearts of many for his own financial gain. According to court records, “In 2003, Bernard B. Kerik falsely advised his accountant that he made $80,000 in charitable contributions,” one of the lowliest acts someone could do. Then Kerik “Deducted as a business expense a home office that he claimed to have maintained in the state of New Jersey when in fact he did not even live in the state during the 2003 tax year.”

And this was Giuliani’s right hand man.

Kerik was the Police Commissioner when he approached a New York City real estate developer and requested his assistance in locating an apartment situated on the upper east side of Manhattan. It was a done deal according to court records, “on Kerik’s behalf from December 2001 through December 2003. The monthly payment in the amount of $9,650 totaled $236,269.36 over the approximately 2 year period.” Kerik did not report one penny of these monies.

I knew Kerik’s nanny story did not hold water. If true, where was the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) investigation? Where was the Domestic Workers Union (DWU)? If Kerik’s nanny did not have a social security number, he did not have workers compensation insurance on the nanny as well, which is a state law. According to the court records, “Bernard B. Kerik failed to report and to remit to the IRS any FICA and Social security and Medicare taxes due and owing for the said employee.”

Bernard Kerik and many others should be facing criminal charges in federal court on February 6th. They literally, up until now, have gotten away with murder and their actions should be looked at as high treason. Giuliana claims he was not aware of Kerik’s transgression; even if this cluelessness could be believed shouldn’t that claim alone disqualify him from wanting to be president?

Anyone wrongly terminated by Bernard Bailey Kerik should contact me because there is no record of all of Kerik’s crimes. There will be more articles on Kerik and the many families he destroyed.


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