HNICs: Kramer’s New Friends

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(The "rehabilitation" of Cosmo Kramer has started, columnist says).

[Column: I Write What I Like]—Michael Richards a.k.a. “Kramer� was working a white, comedy club and got ticked off when he saw some Black faces. 

After Blacks have had a tradition of enjoying great comedians like Red Foxx, Moms Mobley, Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, I am at a loss to explain why any Black person would spend a penny at a white-owned, Los Angeles comedy club to hear Michael Richards. We have lost our bearings.           

Attorney Gloria Allred, PR operative Howard Rubenstein and two HNICs have gotten involved in this racist rampage to milk this crime against humanity, for everything that it is worth. The big winner will be white media. The HNICs are media addicts.      

This is a classic example of an alliance exploiting racism while maintaining the status quo. Allred is a headhunter of Black men. Now, she is a slave trader. Black men obviously prefer slave mistresses. “Kramer� prefers to do business with a white, PR firm even when the victims are Black. The one thing that HNICs will not advise gullible Blacks to do is support Black establishments.             

This tirade would have never happened in a Black business in South Central L.A. The Cotton Club in Harlem, for example, will be featuring Cuba Gooding on this Friday and Saturday night. Nonetheless, most Blacks will be spending their money in white establishments.

November 29, 2006 will be the 98th birthday of Cong. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. His birthday will mostly go unnoticed in New York. Black preachers, like Rev. Calvin Butts, Black politicians and Black activists are invited to the Elks Plaza, 1068 Fulton Street in Brooklyn on this Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. to discuss holding our wallets from Santa Claus this Christmas and drafting Black grievances for local and state governments to remedy forthwith. 

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.� House Negroes will never trek up to the Big House to post any demands. In New York, there are no demands on the table.  Blacks are entertained by rhetoricticians in the slave quarters. Black leaders know better than to make Black demands on white radio or white television. What’s in our hands–Black leaders?           

While Kramer was engaged in his racial onslaught, storm troopers murdered a 92-year-old Black woman in her Atlanta home. Where are the HNIC’s? We are still unable to connect the dots between the mistreatment of our women and Tawana Brawley.        

Name a Latino, Asian or European female who has been murdered by the police. Unfortunately, I am the only person who gets it in the Black community and I am paying a heavy price. During slavery, white doctors would purchase African women to perform crude gynecological experiments. The KKK also targeted Black women for torture and lynching.           

I will be in Room 523 of Manhattan Housing Court, 111 Centre Street in Manhattan on Wednesday, November 29 at 9:30 a.m. The trial of the eviction proceeding is scheduled to start. In addition, I have secured a show cause order for contempt of court of the landlord and its attorney. 

The new judge is Judge Karen Lin.

To subscribe to or advertise in New York’s leading Pan African weekly investigative newspaper, please call (212) 481-7745 or send a note to “Speaking Truth To Empower.�

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