It's 10 PM, Do You Know Where Your Logo Is?

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It's one thing to do business with another company, but it's something else when that company then lists your business as a "partner" on its website.

On Tuesday executives at The Black Star News were surprised when a Dover, Delaware-based collection agency James, Stevens & Daniels called to inquire about the newspaper's "partner" a company called Strategic Solutions Group (SSG).

SSG had posted The Black Star News's banner on its website in addition to the banners of other companies like Black Enterprise and 1010 WINS, the popular New York whether and news station.

Max Coleman, an official with James Stevens & Daniels, said, "Black Enterprise was shocked when I told them they were listed as partners."

For the record, The Black Star is not a partner with SSG; SSG placed an ad in the newspaper to promote a business event and was allowed to use the paper's banner for the event, more than two years ago. A spokesperson for Black Enterprise said while the company may have done something with SSG in the past "posting us as a partner is another thing."

Coleman claimed his firm had been contacted by firms owed in excess of $14,000 by SSG. He said another client questioned whether donations sent to SSG for a coat drive were reaching intended recipients.

When contacted by The Black Star, Dante Dixon, CEO of SSG said he was going to contact James, Stevens & Daniels to initiate action for slandering his firm. "That's a lie," he said, when asked about the coat drive. "How would they even know whether the coats have been handed out or not? The coats will be donated over the holidays."

Dixon also questioned why a legitimate collection agency would contact parties not involved in any alleged disputes over payments.

"For them to be calling other people about our bills; that would be like they are trying to slander our group," he said.

"I am going to contact the FBI and the US Attorney's office," about James, Stevens & Daniels' actions, he added.

Dixon said the reason why Black Star News's logo had been on his company's website was because, due to an oversight, it had never been removed after the event advertised in the past.

As of today, all logos --The Black Star News's, Black Enterprise's and 1010 WINS's-- had been removed from Strategic Solutions Group's website.


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