Local Partnering Fuels Smart Tax Franchise's Growth

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While many businesses are slowing down due to the rocky economic climate, Smart Tax franchise, a newly launched 10-unit tax preparation concept, is just starting to speed-up. 

Smart Tax is a step above the competition by offering quicker returns, better services and is expanding rapidly, now opening its newest location in East Harlem at 1799 Lexington Avenue.

"I never thought about owning my own business until I discovered Smart Tax, with a low start up cost and a strong system in place, it is just such a great brand, I jumped at the opportunity to open one of my own locations," said Kevin Jimenez, first-time business owner and franchisee of the East Harlem location.

Jimenez, who is just 28-years old, was introduced to Smart Tax as an employee first, where he began working at one of Nick Rizzi's, CEO and founder, Smart Tax locations. He learned about the growing brand and how the tax preparation industry worked.

Jimenez saw how successful Smart Tax was becoming and how each individual location was overtaking their competition, and decided he wanted to be a part of this brand at the ground level. 

"After working at Smart Tax and learning all about the tax industry, I felt ready to take the next step and become a business owner," said Jimenez, with development plans to open three locations throughout the region. "I am passionate about becoming a strong community partner in my hometown and getting involved in as many ways as possible."

CEO and Founder Rizzi grew Smart Tax into four small successful locations, after launching his first location as a 29-year old entrepreneur using his life savings and a credit card. Rizzi created his concept a step above the competition by offering quicker returns and better services.

Tax returns is one appointment people can look forward to every year-and people can get their taxes processed at Smart Tax in  as quickly as an hour for a very low cost.

"I wanted to create a system one-step ahead of competition and provide a service that our customers valued in each community we enter," said Rizzi, noting he plans to have 100 locations by January 1, 2012. "Kevin Jimenez is a great addition to the Smart Tax team, one who will serve as a strong asset in growing our brand throughout the New York region and on a national scale as well."

Smart Tax, founded in 2005, is a tax preparation service offering a quick and hassle-free way for its clients to file their taxes
each and every year.

For more information, visit www.thesmartwaytofile.com

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