Loving The African Male: Response

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Pearl Jr is responding to the January 10th review of Pete "Oil King" Agbo's controversial book, Loving The African Male: What Every Woman MUST Know.  Here's the link to the provoking book review:  http://blackstarnews.com/?c=123&a=2845

I'm really shocked to read this article titled, “Loving the African Male”.
It seems what this African male is describing is nothing similar to my
experiences with African men.  Now, I'm not African, simply an American
stolen from Africa, therefore I do recognize that there are cultural
differences between the two types of melanated people.


My belief is that Africans have more value for women and realize that a
family consists of a mother and a father, despite whatever problems exists
within their matrimony, they know the value of staying married, so they work
out their differences or tolerate the problems.  On the other hand, far too
many Black American men see absolutely nothing wrong with single parenting
and often abandon a woman while she is pregnant.  The benefits of a long
lasting marriage in America are hidden into the depths of our mind, because
Black Americans rarely are told that to be married and stay married contains
the most rewards, like longer life, healthier lives, more successful
children, more money, and the ownership of more property.


I have observed African men being more mannerable and more willingly
generous than Black American men.  I've dated African men who knew more
about being a man whose responsibility is to provide and protect, than Black
American men.


Also, I did notice that Africans tend to argue somewhat a lot among
themselves, which was somewhat annoying because my noisy-bug-mind couldn't
understand their language, so I was left hearing loud irritated voices with
no true understanding of what was happening.  I also noticed that African
men were more "white collared" oriented when it comes to getting their
hustle on than Black American men.


Therefore, I'm concluding that this African sounds like he has also fallen
prey to the massive media messages that tell all Black males to be awful
persons and then be proud of it.  I call that the ARROGANCE OF IGNORANCE,
which means to bully people by acting like you know something when no real
knowledge or depth of understanding is present.


This African is simply imitating what he believes will warrant him an easier
time in America, and is catering to what he considers American women find
attractive and alluring.  He is feeding a negative stereotype and pulling
Africans into the mix of being just as trifling as too many Black American


His unrecognized aim is foolishly putting himself and other Africans down,
which isn't productive for the progression of any melanated person who is
working for the upward mobility of the Black race.


I'm not the least bit turned on by this man, nor his mission.


Much love,


Pearl Jr.

Pearl Jr. is an esteemed author, educator, scholar and activist for women's rights and civil rights. 

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