More Republican Sex Skeletons

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Maybe it’s time to call them the Gay Ole Party (GOP).

Once again we are faced with proof that although Republicans decry homosexuality in public, erect skeletons keep popping out of their closets. The recent revelations regarding presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani’s employment of a pedophile priest, and those regarding Joey DiFatta, a councilman from St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana, are two illustrative cases in point.

Councilman DiFatta it has been revealed shares a foot fetish—like Republican colleague, Senator Larry Craig—and was also caught by police playing footsie in a Louisiana bathroom stall.

DiFatta was running for a state senate seat but withdrew from the race a few days before stories of his bathroom exploits came up. He claims his withdrawal has to do with health problems, not reports that he has twice been caught stalking bathroom stalls lusting for gay sex, which Republicans are renowned for condemning. However, his dropping out of the state senate race appears to be damage control calculations designed to contain those gay skeletons, much like Senator Larry “I am not gay” Craig’s guilty plea. (The Senator later unsuccessfully tried to change his plea after his story broke).

DiFatta, who started serving on the St. Bernard Parish Council in January of 1996, was first caught seeking to satisfy his urges in September of 1996, when he was issued a summons for peeping on a man in the bathroom of the Mervyn’s Department store in Esplanade Mall. (Must people now ask everyone they meet in a bathroom their Party affiliations before they risk entering a stall?)

The man dropped his complaint against DiFatta and the record was expunged. Then in March of 2000, like Senator Craig, DiFatta graduated to using the tap dancing code to signal he was ready for some action.

As chance would have it DiFatta ended up tapping the toes of undercover Detective Wayne Couvillion, who played along by tapping his foot and asking DiFatta “What do you want?” To which DiFatta reportedly replied “I want to play with you.” Is this an example of Republican male bonding?

DiFatta reportedly also used a hand signal known among gay men who cruise for sex in bathrooms. However, he escaped arrest because Detective Couvillion decided to terminate the sting due to the intervening presence of young children in the bathroom. An officer close to the investigation, Sergeant Keith Conley, asserts that had the sting continued DiFatta would have surely been arrested.

Then we have Republican Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and his childhood friend Monsignor Alan Placa. Monsignor Placa now works for Giuliani’s firm Giuliani Partners after being forced from his power position within the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Center in the aftermath of a scandal revolving around sexual atrocities committed in the Long Island area.

Placa, 62, went to Bishop Loughlin High School in Brooklyn and Manhattan College with Giuliani where they were fraternity brothers at Phi Rho Pi. Not surprisingly Placa presided over the marriage of his boyhood friend to his first wife, Regina Peruggi, who is Giuliani’s second cousin and helped him get an annulment so he could marry second wife Donna Hanover. He also gave the last rite at the burial of the former mayor’s mother and father and baptized both of his children.

In 2002, a Suffolk County, Long Island grand jury stated that because of the statute of limitations Placa could not be prosecuted for his crimes, including the molestation of at least three boys. But they found that Placa, who also served as legal counsel for the church was among those clergy officials who engaged in “deception and intimidation” to silence the sexual sins committed by himself and his pedophile peers within the priesthood.

The Suffolk County grand jury report states that on one occasion Placa “pulled up a chair next to the boy and put his right hand on his thigh. Slowly his hands began to creep up toward the boy’s genital area.” He was said to be “cautious, but relentless in his pursuit of victims. He fondled boys over their clothes, usually in his office.” One of Placa’s victims Richard Tollner, 48, says the priest molested him and two others that he knows of.

Ironically, this is the kind of issue that may become a drag for Giuliani like it was for his Republican colleagues last November in wake of the Mark Foley scandal. The same pattern of Republican cover-up that was employed to hide the repressed closeted pedophilia of Foley was also used to protect both DiFatta and Monsignor Placa. How else can one explain why DiFatta was able to engage in such behavior while he was still a Louisiana councilman? Wasn’t anyone aware of his penchant for anonymous sex with men? And is it plausible to think no one knew of Craig’s prurient proclivities?

In all of these cases we see homosexual tendencies by Republicans hidden from the public view being exposed. Their hypocrisy is chilling. They preach of moral rectitude on sexual matters, especially, homosexuality by voting against gay marriage amendments and the like, yet their behavior often speaks of the perversion that is bred by those living in severe, sexually repressed denial.

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