No Strong Endorsement For Madoff By His Attorney

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[Genesis Of The Financial Meltdown]

In an interview with The Black Star News, even Bernard Madoff's attorney could not say that his client will be cleared on charges that he stole $50 billion from clients.

Asked whether he believed Madoff will be vindicated, the attorney Ira Sorkin said: "No comment."

Similarly, Sorkin offered a "no comment" when asked about Madoff's proposed defense for the alleged crimes.

When asked if there was a side of Madoff that he believed the public needs to know about, Sorkin, similarly responded: "No comment."

Also when asked whether it's true that he was billing his client $1,000 per hour, Sorkin said, "No comment; it is not the firm's policy to discuss hourly rates with the press."

When asked to provide a list of charities that Madoff may have stolen money from, Sorkin also demurred with a "no comment."

When asked if Madoff had placed his client’s funds into Bank of New York Mellon, Sorkin stated: "No comment."

When asked to provide the name of the bank into which Madoff had placed his client’s money, Sorkin said: "No comment."

If this reporter were to be billed at $1,000 per hour for the five minutes spent on the phone with Sorkin for this interview, the bill would come to about $85.

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