Says Cops Shoot Man In Back

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[National: Police Shooting]


Jan. 30---A Baltimore police officer shot and killed an unarmed man today just after he left a Dollar General store in northeast Baltimore.

Shortly after noon at the Hamilton Park Shopping Plaza at Northern Parkway and McClean Boulevard, a police officer stopped a man suspected of shoplifting, said Sterling Clifford, the Baltimore police spokesman.

The interview turned into a confrontation and the police officer, fearing for his safety, shot the suspect in the torso, Clifford said. The man was taken to “a nearby hospital” where he was pronounced dead at 1:30 p.m., Clifford said. Neither the suspect nor the officer has been identified.

The officer had not yet made a statement to investigators early this evening. Clifford said the man was carrying “suspected drugs,” but he did not specify which type of drugs. He also did not specify how many times the man was shot.

Several witnesses at the scene said they believed the man was shot in the back. “He fell right in front of the window,” said one witness working in Murry’s grocery store who asked not to be identified. “The officer stopped and frisked him. He started to walk away and he said something to the officer.”

Clifford said it was unclear if the man was shot in the back. “Exit and entry wounds look similar,” he said. The homicide unit is investigating the shooting.

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