Sean Bell: Grand Jury Indicts Three

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Rejecting the New York Police Department's last-minute dirty tricks, The Grand Jury in Queens County has indicted three of the five New York police officers who fired 50 bullets into the car of an unarmed Black man, killing him on his wedding day, The Black Star News has learned.
The jurors' decision won’t be officially announced until Monday by Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, The Black Star News has learned.

Separately, there will be a "Rally For Justice for Sean Bell" at Manhattan's Union Square tomorrow at noon, activists announced.

The Grand Jury deliberations had been thrown into confusion when the Police Thursday produced a mysterious eye “witness� after the jurors had deliberated for five hours.

Mayor Bloomberg has ordered extra police officers on alert. "Whatever the grand jury says—I think you will see the people of this city behaving in an exemplary manner," Bloomberg said today. "They can be disappointed, they can express themselves -- that's freedom of speech, I don't have a problem with that. But nobody is going to go out and make our streets unsafe."

New Yorkers had been on edge waiting for the outcome. The five police officers killed Bell execution-style November 25, as he was trying to drive away after a night of partying, to celebrate his wedding which was to occur later that day.

Four of the five undercover officers who discharged their firearm into the vehicle occupied by the three unarmed Black males testified before the Grand jury.  As readers recall, in addition to killing Bell on his wedding day, the police left Bell’s friends Joseph Guzman and Trent Bennifield seriously injured. Michael Oliver, the Detective who fired his weapon 31 times had been last to testify. 

The so-called mysterious “witness� was quickly dismissed by many analysts and apparently by Grand jurors, as a police “dirty tricks� scheme. He had supposedly been interviewed earlier by police shortly after the shooting. This week, for the first time ever, he claimed to have seen a fourth individual, who was not in the car in which Bell was killed, firing at police on that fateful night, and then fleeing from the scene.

All we know is the following: The undercover-cops involved in the killing of Bell had consumed two or more drinks, which contained alcohol, the night of the shooting.  We know there was no alcohol test of these cops’ blood level. We know no gun was found inside Sean Bell’s car.  We know there was no radio transmissions describing a fourth man, particularly one holding a gun, running from the scene.

None of the police officers had previously stated that anyone had fired a gun at them so this so-called “witness’s� statement can be dismissed as something concocted by the police. We also know that the undercover officers didn’t even know how many times they had fired at Bell until after tests were conducted after the killing.

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