The Clintons: Lost In Translation

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[Black Star News Editorial]


IMAGINE the runner-up, trailing in the polls, offering the second spot to the person who is actually leading in the total popular votes and delegates count.

That’s what Hillary Clinton did to Barack Obama; her husband Bill Clinton also chimed in.

Obama leads Clinton by 600,000 more votes out of the total 26 million votes that have been cast thus far; he leads by 152 more delegates; and, he’s won 26 states compared to Clinton’s 14.

Americans have determined that they prefer Obama as president and commander in chief over Clinton.

That’s why he has extended his lead over Clinton. Voters, based on the results, have indicated that they prefer her as runner up.

The Clintons’ strange “proposal” defies logic. She has abused Obama and said he’s not ready to be commander in chief; yet, she would entertain him as VP, a heartsbeat away from the presidency.

This, after she had even praised the Republican, John McCain, as more qualified than Obama to be commander in chief. No one knows what Clinton believes anymore. Maybe she doesn’t know what she believes.

That’s the problem when a campaign message is crafted by consultants and pollsters paid millions of dollars. The truth gets lost in translation.

Perhaps, in the perverse political world inhabited by the Clintons, the “proposal” was their round-about way of begging for the number-two spot for Hillary Clinton.

It’s not going to happen.

Not after the divisive campaign that they’ve run. Race-baiting; war fear-mongering; religious bigotry; the Clinton’s owe Obama and the American public an apology.

Obama wants to move the country away from the old politics of destruction, legislative gridlock, and character assassination. With a predicted win tomorrow in Mississippi, Obama will extend his insurmountable delegates lead over Clinton.

Startled by Obama’s lead, the Clintons’ sowed further confusion by insisting that the votes in Michigan and Florida be counted. Party leaders in those states had defied the rules established by the Democratic National Committee and moved up election dates----they were punished by being stripped of delegates to the August party nomination convention.

People still went to the polls even though there was no campaigning by the candidates and in Michigan, Obama’s name was not even on the ballot. Yet, the Clintons, believe it or not, wanted to count the votes in Florida and Michigan on their column, even though the voting was unsanctioned.

The Clintons’ bluff was called.

Now there is momentum to do the elections in those states over. Even if Clinton does very well and beats Obama by more than 10 points in Florida and Michigan, she would gain, at the very best, no more than 20 to 25 net delegates over the front runner.

At the end of the very last contest, in Puerto Rico in June, Obama will likely still lead Clinton by more than 100 delegates.

There's no other way of translating that. He will be the nominee for president.

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