The Immigration Race Card

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A quarter of a million people took to the streets of New York City to protest against the chilly anti-immigrant climate now blowing across this country. Nationally, millions have marched in solidarity for the rights of immigrants. It’s a wonderful sight to see true democracy in action.

Here in New York City, the voices of immigrants could be heard loud and clear. And those voices are demanding justice and respect for the value they bring. This nation is a nation of immigrants. It was built on the backs of African slaves and is sustained by the blood, sweat and tears of people of color and immigrants.

Some are now arguing that the current issue is about illegal immigration and not the color of the immigrants. They lie. The fact of the matter is that when many white Americans rage against immigration they are raging against the coloring of America that they fear is coming with the influx of immigrants of color. If all the immigrants coming into this country were white, would white America be crying with such vitriol and xenophobia?

But let’s not forget the role of the politicians in this fiasco. This current immigration debate is being orchestrated to divert the attention of the American voter. The Republicans heading into the fall elections are faced with an unpopular president, an unpopular war and the president’s continuously descending poll numbers. And they are trying to do whatever they can to retain their power in the Senate and House.

Instead of being true patriots and denouncing this president and this war that is gutting the American treasury, they have decided to appeal to the prejudices of white America. To some extent, it is working. For, far too many white Americans in hypocritical fashion are complaining that it is the illegality of the matter. But why aren’t they concerned with the illegality of the Iraq War and this administration that so deserves impeachment?

But there are some unintended consequences that may work against their aims as well. For although, they have, so far, succeeded in dividing white America from the immigrants, a diverse group of immigrants are now uniting to fight for a common cause and against a common enemy. Latino immigrants are joining hands and hearts with their counterparts from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and many other places. This is a beautiful thing. Democracy may come to this country after all.
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