USA, “Democracy� For Sale

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(This is the country's "best candidate" for office).

So, the Democrats have scored a resounding victory over the radical Republicans. Good. But let’s not get carried way, the Democrats will not bring this country any closer to the “Promised Land� than the Republicans.

During the past election, the American people spoke out loudly and firmly that they aren’t happy with what Bush and his Republican cronies have done to the country. After all, they inherited a large surplus that they quickly squandered by giving tax breaks to the wealthy and leading the country into an unjust war. No doubt, the continuing debacle in Iraq, along with the outrages over illegal domestic spying on citizens and Republican hypocrisy –preaching “morality� while a prominent member sought “immoral� activity with former Senate pages—contributed to the repudiation of these politically amoral slugs.

The inept, scandalous and nepotistic “business as usual� dealings were also factors. We saw the fallout from the Jack Abramoff influence peddling case, as well as the shady corrupt excesses of Tom Delay. Also, the abject failure and or disregard of these leaders to respond to the disaster in New Orleans, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, must have contributed to the revolt.

The Republicans who controlled not only the White House but also both houses of Congress have no excuse for the damage that they have done to the country.  However, it would be extremely foolish for us to think that any meaningful change will occur just because the Democrats are now in greater control of the machinations of political power. Because, the truth of the matter is that ours is not a true representative democracy.

The shameful thing is that out leaders often wax prophetic about exporting democracy to the world, as if America is some Utopian example of this ideal. Here in America big money has corrupted and stunted the growth of true democracy.     

Think about it, if America were a true democracy would a competent, qualified candidate have to worry about the amount of money in his political war chest? The harsh truth is that only the propertied class and those connected to them have any chance of advancing to the halls of higher political office. So, if the capable but poor individual will never be able to vie for the White House or Congress, because he isn’t connected to big money, then, how can we really call this a shining example of democracy?
Here in America, lobbyists usually control the agenda in Washington. They do this by spreading their money around to both parties. So, just because we have kicked one set of bums out doesn’t mean our work of cleaning up this country is over. In fact, it has only just begun.

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