Wendy's Out of Control

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Bestselling author, Wendy Williams and Pulitzer Prize winning Karen Hunter have blown it out of the water with this one. 

I knew it would be a good read,  but  Drama Is Her Middle Name greatly surpassed my expectations.  I found my eyes popping, chin dropping and tummy hopping in continuous laughter at all the drama going on in the life of Wendy’s alter-ego, Ritz Harper.  Cunningly written in a way that will have you in stitches even at the most tragic moments, this scandalous novel is a treasure chest full of thrills and excitement, sex, envy and absolute hilarity.  I do not exaggerate when I say Wendy is out of control and you will laugh yourself to tears.

The first thing that came to my mind the morning after I finished the book was, “I wonder who did that to Ritz.�  Then, turning over, I opened my eyes and stared up at the ceiling chuckling to myself,  “I can’t believe Wendy’s got me so wrapped up in this story that it’s the first thing popping into my head this morning.�  Like amazing sex aftershock, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face after reading Drama Is Her Middle Name.  (And no, I’m not -- “Ooooh! How you doin!�)

Contrary to the title, Drama Is Her Middle Name is not your everyday, garden variety dramedy, but an inspiring, motivational, empowering and educational work.  It's therapy. Anyone who has ever dared to pursue a dream or doubted themselves, or wondered, "Where do I start?" or just want laugh their tail off for a while, needs this book.

The explosive collection of events will take you on a vicarious journey into the world of a power hungry diva who has everything many of us could ever dream of – a journey that so many of us wish we could travel, but will never have the cojones or the venom to embrace.

In a most entertaining and stimulating manner, Drama Is Her Middle Name uncovers the truth behind real power, reveals secrets behind all the gleam and glam of the music industry*, and so much more. From the instance you read the first sentence, it’s no longer words on paper.  From that moment, you have magically emerged into the world of the diva extraordinaire. I found myself often wondering which elements of Ritz Harper are actually Wendy – especially the soft and pink side.  By the time you get to the last two chapters, you will be hyperventilating and ready to pass out from suspense. 

As children, how often did we wish we had magical powers like the characters in our favorite fairy tales?  Or that we could sit at the top of a rainbow?  Or that Superman was real?  In Drama Is Her Middle Name, Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter make the characters real for us. 

Drama Is Her Middle Name has raised the bar for many accomplished novelists.

*I must set the record straight on one thing, though:  It was Otis Blackwell who Elvis Presley derived his singing style and moves from – not Chuck Berry.  Otis Blackwell  wrote many, if not most of Elvis’ biggest hits.  Otis Blackwell also paved the way for many other megastars from the 1950s to this very day.  http://www.spectropop.com/remembers/OBobit.htm

By Wendy Williams and Karen Hunter
Published by Harlem Moon/Broadway Books
ISBN: 0-7679-2486-X

To get your copy of Drama Is Her Middle Name now, logon to www.harlemmoon.com  ISBN: 0-7679-2486-X

**NATIONAL BOOK TOUR: New York City, Philadelphia, Houston & Los Angeles.

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