Why We Must Win

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(Rep. McKinney, right, is once again running against the entire Republican party and the White House and needs your help).

As you know, there will be a runoff election in the 4th District of Georgia on Tuesday August 8th.

I will be pitted against a mostly unknown and unproven opponent, who will nonetheless have the unanimous backing of big national media and national money. The media and money behind my opponent will do their utmost to polarize the election along racial and party lines.

To win, they must provoke a stampede of Republican voters to the polls on August 8th. To accomplish this, they must and will portray not just my voice, but yours too, as dangerous, unpatriotic and downright loony. These wealthy and powerful interests fear my voice because it is your voice. That is what this August 8 runoff election will be about. Will the authentic voices of our people -- your voices --- be silenced, or will we refuse to lose?

I have worked all my career in Congress and before that in the Georgia State Legislature, to stand up for the powerless, for consumers, for working families, for peace and for justice because that is what all of your voices demand. I stood up to those in my own party who gave us voting machines with no audits and no verifiable paper trails. I stood up to the Administration that has promised us an indefinite war. I was the first to draw attention to the massive war profiteering on the part of powerful and well-connected interests. For my part, I am refusing to sit down, refusing to lose, and I ask you to stand with me as I stand up for you.

George Bush's worst nightmare would be 434 more voices like mine in the Congress. I represent you. He represents ---- well, we know who he represents. And we know who George Bush would like, who the Atlanta Journal-constitution would like, who the national media would like to see represent the 4th District of Georgia. We understand why these forces trust Republican voters instead of Democrats to pick the next Democrat who will represent them in Congress. We further understand that we must refuse to lose the representation that we have worked and struggled for all these years. Our forebears did not struggle for the right to elect a representative in Congress who won't stand up for peace or justice when that is what Democrats demand.

We need your help to refuse to lose between now and Tuesday, August 8. We need your time and your treasure. Now is the time to call us and get involved. Call my campaign hotline at 404-289-2889 and find out how you can refuse to lose your authentic voice in the House of Representatives. If you are outside the Atlanta area, you and your friends can participate too. If your voice is important, refuse to lose it. Call us at 404-289-2889 and find out how you can help.

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