Entrepreneur: Ms. Patrice Francois and “The Mss Francois Show”

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Patrice Francois. Photo: Patrice Francois.

Education: St. Joseph’s College (Masters) and Mercy College (Undergrad).

When I launched: “The Mss Francois Show was launched in 2018, the inspiration came from winning the District 46 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Competition in 2016 with a speech ‘Steve Harvey Can't find me a Husband.’ I turned the speech into a one-woman show called ‘Frustrated’ and I performed it off-Broadway then took that idea and made it a TV show.  The entire thing came about by my frustration in trying to find my soulmate and having several failed relationships.”

Courage To Launch Business: “The reason for me to venture out is because although I like my nine-to-five job, I don't feel that the jovial outspoken person that I am is embraced in that atmosphere. I feel stifled at times and needed an outlet.  Having my own show was my way of healing myself from broken relationships and bringing some joy in my life.” 

Overcoming Challenges: “I'm in media so the challenges that I had was not knowing the industry. I was learning as I go, and figuring out what my future moves would be. I was able to able to overcome the challenges by taking additional classes and networking with other studio producers to understand the ins and outs were. As for dealing with the Covid-19 challenge, I had to make a shift. I was able to set up a home studio. I learned about lighting and how to interview people from around the world virtually.” 

Growing The Business: “My business has grown in terms of where it can be viewed. When I started out it could only be seen in Bronx. Now it’s seen in many other states, as well as other countries. I also have a better understanding of social media and how it is able to help me in getting myself and my show to the masses.”

Secrets To My Success: “Read, read, and read. There are many times I get frustrated, tired, or overwhelmed. It’s called being human, or life, it just happens. But my kindle and my audible is filled with personal development books and audio by Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, ET the hip hop Preacher, Dennis Kimbro, Les Brown, and so many others. You constantly need to stimulate the conscious and subconscious mind. PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, to keep going forward. You also need to have a very close circle, with knowledgeable, supportive people who are there for you. Finally, pray. There is nothing like it, no matter what you call the higher power. This always centers me and rekindles the fire that I need to succeed.” 

Favorite Five Books: 

1. The Wealth Choice by Dennis Kimbro

2. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

3. Destiny by TD Jakes

4. Hustle Believe and Receive by Sarah Centrella

5. Five Second Rule by Mel Robbins 

Current Book: “I'm actually reading Destiny for the third time. Sometimes you need reminders.”

Favorite Five Movies: 

1. Shaft with Samuel L. Jackson

2. The Sound of Music

3. The Expendables 

4. All Marvel Movies- Especially X-Men

5. Pretty Woman

People Who Inspire Me: 

1. Oprah Winfrey

2 Michael Jackson

3. Tererai Trent


Social Media Contacts:


Tik Tok


IG @mss_francois

Spotify -The Mss Francois Show


Website: www.mssfrancois.com

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