If It's VP Then It's Smooth

VP gets great reviews from clients
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<p>VP Nail Spa &amp; Lounge which opened a few months ago adds a polished touch to the up scaling of Fulton Street.

VP is the abbreviation for Very Polished. Opened in late July 2012, and located at 1082 Fulton Street and Claver Place, VP strikes an imposing presence with its picture window proudly displaying its brightly lit chandelier, sparkling reception area with authentic brick walls to the rear where manicures, pedicures and waxing are performed.

The co-owner, Angie Aquirre, along with the staff of seven are clad in black t-shirts with the VP logo proudly displayed in green lettering in front and “staff” prominently displayed on the back.

Staff members are skilled in nail specialty. &nbsp;“What sets VP apart from other nail spas is that we are all natural and Black owned," Aquirre says. "We make our own natural products.”&nbsp; “We have a PR person and advertised in various magazines like Time Out," she says, referring to how she promoted the business. &nbsp;"The business has been good since opening.”

“We are different than other salons around here," Aquirre says, discussing competition from the various nail salons in the area. "They are Asian owned. &nbsp;We are not rush, rush and get you out. &nbsp;I’m not knocking anybody’s business however, but that just isn’t us. &nbsp;We are very clean. &nbsp;We pride ourselves on that.”

Aquirre says the fact that several Black owned businesses in the area have closed recently does not concern her. &nbsp;She’s optimistic about her business' stay-power and chooses to ignore these closings. She says she'd always been interested in nail care and has been manicuring nails since the tender age of 13. &nbsp;Her BA degree is in criminal justice, but she realized the law was not her true calling. She went back to school and specialized in nail specialty. &nbsp;After completion of this study, Angie’s goal was to own her own establishment. &nbsp;Now that she owns one, she's going all out to make it special, she says.

As one reviewer noted on Yelp.com: "The ladies here take their time with you. If somethings not to your liking they fix it. Angie is completely honest with you. She currently has me taking a break from Cal Gel until my nails repair, due to the poor care they were receiving before VP."

VP has a backyard with an arbor where you can avail yourself of VP services or enjoy a cool drink during the warm weather months. &nbsp;This is an ideal location for planning a spa day or other group activity.&nbsp;

“It’s not a nail service; it’s a nail experience,” Aquirre notes.<br>Walk-ins are welcome and VP is open six days a week, Tuesday through Sunday. &nbsp;<br>

For more information, go to www.verypolishednails.com or call (718) 636-0600. &nbsp;<br>&nbsp;</p>

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