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Every day, African American communities labor under an economic arrangement that is as undeniably unfair as it is hopeless and out of balance when it comes to providing our communities with a legitimate return on the investments that we make within the general economy. We further deprive ourselves by not having a convenient consumer/merchant outlet on which we can focus our purchasing power and funnel our money back into our own community.
African American communities contribute over $165 billion into the US economy, yet only 3% of our gross national income is returned to us for the economic needs of our own communities.
Brothers and Sisters, it does not take a very in-depth understanding of economics to realize that something is inherently unfair if I’m earning say, $100 every week and out of that $100 I only retain $3 to meet my own financial needs. 
Charles Bowlds, has come up with a perfect solution to this plight.  It's called The African American Connection (AAC).  The AAC is a revolutionary creation that is going  to radically alter the economic landscape of our collective communities and  arm every African American who wants change, with the weapons we need to eradicate the economic disparities that plague too many of our communities.
On Wednesday March 14, 2007 at 6:00pm EST, the AAC conducted its first teleconference at which time, Mr. Bowlds, CEO and Founder of the African American Connection had an open discussion about the economic state of our people and gave a tour of the African American Connection virtual world, followed by a Q&A with AAC member merchants, and concluded with an open discussion moderated by Ms. Tamie Tatum, Executive Assistant of the AAC. 

Every Saturday, at 11:00am EST you will have another opportunity to take part in this revolutionary call to action.  THAT'S RIGHT, GET UP ON A SATURDAY MORNING!  If you want change, TAKE ACTION!  We all know there are those who just like to sit around analyzing and debating, whining and complaining about the state of affairs in the African American community, while trying to sound intelligent and doing nothing to provide change, and there are those who want to make change happen.  Which are you? 

In order to participate in the call, dial 641.297.5000 on the dates and times indicated above and the system will prompt you for an access code.  Dial in the code, 737207 and you will be granted access to the call.

Call attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share opinions and concerns about how African Americans can contribute to our own economic wellbeing. People, it's a phone call.  Can you afford to miss this great opportunity?  We understand that the word "opportunity" has become synonymous with words like "false hope," "lie," "scheme."  But the important thing is that you must not give up hope, for when you give up, you miss your reward when your real opportunity knocks and you will lose. 

The AAC is for all African Americans -- regardless of financial status, level of education, level of entrepreneurship, professional status, or consumer status.  Make money and retain your hard earned dollars and funnel those African American dollars earned on our hard work for our own businesses, right back into your own community.  Aren't you tired of getting ripped off by those futile "work from home" schemes and scams?  Well, here's your chance to work from home if this is your choice and make a rewarding income -- according to the time and energy you put in.  No matter what your business -- you can make your dreams happen while building a power force right within your own community. 

We must learn to recognize real opportunity when it knocks and, as Donald Trump says, "Grab it by the horns."  Pray on it.  Let God give you discernment to the true opportunities that carry vast rewards.

Our situation today is so critical that we can no longer afford the risk of relying or depending on other people or their recommended solutions for addressing our problems, regardless of their intentions.

We dare not squander this opportunity by allowing ourselves to be led by outside trends and methods.  We must set our own trends and methods by exploring the ways and means of using today’s technology and the availability of the internet to solve the challenges of survivability facing our communities today.

By providing realistic solutions for addressing the economic disparities facing the African American community, this dynamic new system, the African American Connection, will level the playing field and open wide the door to financial success for African Americans nationwide.

For more information on the African American Connection call Toll Free 888-222-8842.  To tour the site, logon to www.aaconnection.com

For more information on the AAC teleconferencing events, logon to

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Winning Strategies & Associates is a proud member of the African American Connection

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