As Assets Dip, Forex Holds

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In his recent New York Times article, “It’s the Year to Keep an Eye on Paychecks,” author David Leonhardt points to the uncertain financial future which Americans face in 2007.

Pay rates, he argues, may be on the rise, but very little is certain as far as housing rates and the stock market are concerned. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. When it comes to personal investments, real estate and stock always cycle, and opportunities come and go. Annual assurance of opportunity can never be guaranteed.       

By sharp contrast, Titan Commodities Management, Ltd. ( offers investors an environment where safety and a worthwhile return on investment are an annual reality, despite the ebb and flow of traditional market products.

“What makes us unique, in comparison with other financial managers, is that we put our client’s money first. We offer a no-fee, no-commission environment unless the client realizes at least a two-percent profit per month,” says Titan Commodities manager Jason Cameranesi. “The only way we get paid as managers is when our clients have a successful month. We don’t believe a financial professional deserves income if their clients account doesn’t grow.”      

Titan utilizes a proprietary mathematical algorithm, developed over the past decade, designed to mitigate risk while amplifying profit opportunities in the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). Once considered a high-rolling, high-risk investment option suitable only for wealthy traders, the Forex market has become a reliable tool for traders looking for stability in the face of uncertain traditional U.S.-based investments.      

“Foreign Exchange Trading is the biggest market in the world and is one of the best opportunities for consistently large profits,” says Cameranesi. “Now investors can profit from the same market that large banks and corporations like Nike use with substantial portions of their corporate assets to take advantage of the currency exchange rates.”        

Titan clients appreciate that making them feel comfortable at all times is of central importance to the managers. “Clients own their own accounts and can log on to them 24/7 via the Internet. They can deposit and withdraw funds any time they wish. Success-based-only fees, total liquidity and transparency… no other brokerage offers such amenities. We have worked very hard to make Titan the most client-friendly investment opportunity on the planet,” adds Cameranesi.


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