Beating Debt Nightmare

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(Consumers should control credit cards...not the other way around).

Today, Americans are working harder than ever. There are more two-income families, with people buying larger homes and driving bigger and more expensive vehicles.

From the outside, it appears that people are doing well when it comes to finances and meeting their financial debts. But appearances can be deceiving and, when it comes to consumer debt, they most certainly are. 

The statistics are actually startling when it comes to how in-over-their-heads consumers are. According to Experian National Score Index, from 2004 to 2006 there was a 13 percent increase in revolving and installment debt, which includes credit card accounts, auto loans, student loans, and other loans. Along with that, the average late payments increased almost 20 percent.

Consumers today are, for the most part, in double-digit debt. What’s more, foreclosures are also on the rise—during 2005, there were 2.1 million bankruptcy filed, more than in any other year in history. Simply put, Americans are living far beyond their means, spending more than they actually earn. 

Now consumers are scrambling to find a way out and be able to get ahead. Some are finding the answer in alternative methods of debt repayment, especially since last year’s changes in the bankruptcy laws make it harder to get relief from certain types of financial obligations. While some people are turning to credit counseling and debt settlement, many more are finding help through debt-free programs. 

“There are several ways people can try to get out from under their debt and get control of their life back,� explains Timothy Kennedy, an attorney and owner of Connecticut Closing Services ( 1-203-748-9098) located in Bethel, Conn. “I show my clients how to go debt-free in as little as seven years, regardless of their current income. The cost of living is climbing while wages are not. A system like mine is the answer to the problems people are facing.� 

Kennedy offers a debt-free system that he guarantees, a fact which many find comforting when looking for a way out. He uses a revolutionary payment technique that is designed to increase people’s credit score while they earn more wealth.During the initial appointment with his clients, he tells people how to increase their credit rating, pay off  in as little as debt in seven years , all debt on their current salary, including their mortgage, increase their net worth, and become more financially secure.  

“I realize that many people, upon first hearing about my program, think it’s too good to be true,� says Kennedy. “That’s because they just haven’t come across the right person to teach them how to handle their debt. Once they sit down with me and I show them the road map to relief, they couldn’t be happier.�

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