Becoming A Local Celebrity

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First: Know your target market and have them feel comfortable with you! Understand what they need and want so that you can give it to them and then some. Having a "story" is extremely important as well, in many cases people want to identify with you. Maybe you accomplished something they are trying to and you are their inspiration. Tell them about it. Don' t be shy. If you were in an abusive relationship—write about it, talk about it.

If you just overcame a serious illness and found ways to overcome it by changing your diet, share it! If you were in debt and now you're a big baller, tell 'em how you got there! Find their problem and help them solve it. We love information--heck you' re getting some right now aren't ya?

Second: Do Something that Counts! Being fabulous is cute, but what are you doing for your community that makes people remember you? Host an event, volunteer; speak on topics that will uplift those in your area.

Third: Continue to Build Up Your Fan Base. Collect contact information like it's nobody’s business. Every event that you have or attend, you should be collecting names, e-mails, and mailing addresses. Don’t walk away missing out on potentially new clients, customers, followers, fans, etc.

For those in the music industry for example, I can’t tell you how many times I've been to a show and then realized they didn’t' even have anyone collecting email addresses or business cards. It’s a wasted opportunity! You need to stay in contact with these folks who could later come to another show and buy your CD online!

Fourth: Get out the house and work that room baby! Learn how to find interesting networking events online. Go where your target market is, not necessarily where your peers are. Read this article titled Work That Room, Baby for more info and simple tips to make networking easier for you:

Fifth: Do local cable, TV, or even get your own Internet Radio Show! Start researching cable access shows in your area by calling your local cable company. Cable is very inexpensive and many folks are shocked when they find out the rates! Why not start your own Internet Radio show by going here for more info: 

I sat down with a Give 'N Take attendee Jude Gorgopa, Founder of Clout Et Cetera, Inc. to ask her what she thought about the topic since she is an expert in getting clout. She had these points to add to the list.

Sixth: Have Authentic Personal Style: Becoming a local celebrity is a lot easier than you may think! Having star quality is more a matter of over-all impression than actual looks so having a knockout first impression is one giant step to stardom. What message is your image sending? Before you even open your mouth, you need to have a positive and memorable impact on people. Having authentic personal style can give you the clout to open doors to places that would otherwise remain locked or take years to enter. It's amazing how charm, grace, and confidence can get you to the front of the line. You don't have to be rich or wear expensive clothes. It's all in how you work it! That's star quality.

Seventh: Keep yourself in front of people! Speak at events, participate in fundraising, go to networking events, get cards printed and hand them out and make sure to take advantage of photo ops and auditions. There's no room for fear! Get known for being the professional and wonderful person that you are. It's a hard fact that even if someone is really interested in you, they will rarely call you back. You must keep on top of your contacts and constantly develop new ones, focusing on those that will help you get to where you want to go. The most important advice is to be kind to everyone on your way up, from the receptionists to the doormen to the assistants, because you never know who you'll meet on the way down!

Eighth: Anyone can develop a signature style. It takes time and it takes courage, but it can be done. Finding yourself as a person has a lot to do with finding your personal style as the whole process is to basically bring the inward outward. It's not enough to get a makeover when the old attitudes are still attached. It's like putting fresh icing on a stale cake. If you're going through a major transition in your life and exploring new options, you're feeling lost and confused or just plain bored, it helps to have a coach on hand to help direct you to your goals and the image to go along with them.

Jude L. Gorgopa, author, motivational speaker, life/career coach, total image consultant, and trainer is the President/Founder of Clout Et Cetera, Inc., an image and lifestyle resource for individuals, groups, and businesses that can change your attitude, your career, and your life.

Look out for her upcoming book, 'The Fundamentals of Clout: Volume One. A Woman's Portable Guide to the Power of Personal Style' is now available from our website. A percentage of the sale price will be donated to charity.  For more information on services and events, please visit us at or e-mail

Simone Kelly-Brown is author and founder of Gots To Have It, Marketing, a firm that specializes in marketing and empowering entrepreneurs with a series of workshops and networking events. Please view her company web sites here: and

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