Black Entrepreneur Invents ‘Green’ Cooler, Hires Ex-Cons

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Vericool entrepreneur Darrell Jobe employs former convicts. "Today, about one-quarter of his 45 employees have been in prison."
Photo: Twitter

Vericool entrepreneur Darrell Jobe, a former gang member, employs former convicts in his company that makes environmentally friendly coolers.

With summer in full swing, more of us are venturing out, whether it’s heading out onto the lake, driving to a secluded beach, or visiting a city park, and there’s no better way to take along your cold drinks than the Vericooler -- the original 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable cooler.

Invented by Black entrepreneur Darrell Jobe, Vericoolers keep up to 20 cans ice cold for as long as 18 hours and are even reusable. With experts estimating that it will take centuries for Styrofoam to degrade in landfills, it’s past time for us to do better.

Based in Livermore, California, Vericoolers are now available in over 2,000 retail stores across the country, including 7-11, Whole Foods, Save Mart Stores, Lucky Stores and BevMo!

Jobe had dropped out of school in the eighth grade. He joined a gang but worked to turn his life around in his early 20s. Teaching himself sales and engineering skills, he founded Vericool Inc. in 2015. In building his company, he has given second chances to former convicts.

Today, about one-quarter of his 45 employees have been in prison.

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