Black Entrepreneurs Wanted For Training

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Frantz Ciceron & Associates, a registered mortgage brokerage firm, offers a multi-level learning and earning structure that teaches consumers the first step in the acquisition of wealth for the masses home ownership. Debt is a major challenge in the average household, so credit repair services are an important component of the strategic plan for financial empowerment.

The goal of the company is to educate and help people eliminate credit card debt, purchase their first home, and provide new streams of revenue by offering an opportunity for interested individuals to become mortgage consultants.
Anchored by 14 years of experience in the financial services industry, the company features a mortgage and sales training opportunity that prepares its consultants for financial independence and unlimited personal and professional growth and freedom before retirement.

This unique and specialized program invites and encourages residents of New York and Florida to take advantage of the company's orientation and six-week certification course in preparation for an entrepreneurial experience that is sure to clear up the mystery surrounding residential and commercial mortgages, lenders, and home ownership.
Whether the goal is to transact and close a loan for the purchase of residential or commercial property or to refinance currently owned property, service that will reflect comparative and competitive interest rates commensurate with the buyer's FICO score is guaranteed.

Frantz Ciceron & Associates has carved a niche for leaders and entrepreneurs who are willing to be grounded in honest interaction with responsible lenders and credit counseling organizations who share equal concern about how financial services are perceived and rendered. Business presentations are held every Tuesday at 7pm and every Saturday at 10am at the office headquarters located at 2174 Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.
Call (718) 434-5125 for an appointment.

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