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The business writing workshop slated for early next year has added another stellar participant.

, On-TRAC Consultant for
& New Jersey will be joining the Money Maker Club’s Business Plan
Writing Workshop at the Brooklyn Public Library/Bedford Branch on Saturday,
January 12th from Noon until 3:00 pm, to share some important facts
about Business Plan Writing.  ACCIÓN
New York & New Jersey has helped thousands by
providing micro loans and business advisory services to individuals and small
businesses that do not have access to traditional sources of credit.  Hall
will discuss the importance of the business plan, the components of the
business plan and share resources that will help small business owners and
those who plan to start a business.


Money Maker Club’s Business Plan Writing workshop is the brainchild of Brenda
Jeanne Wyche, CEO of Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC.  Wyche
launched Money Makers Club for Start Ups and Emerging Small Business to help
jumpstart stagnant businesses and help people who are interested in starting
their own business as well as entrepreneurs who want their existing businesses
to grow. 


Write Your Own
Business Plan -- Taking It To The Bank
is first in a series of
workshops that the Money Makers Club will be presenting.  This will be a free
full-day interactive workshop where everyone who participates will write their
own business plan outline,” says Wyche.

ACCIÓN New York & New
joined this initiative with other incredible facilitators which include
business expert and former bank VP, Mark Davis, Greg Jones, VP of USA Closers
, and author of the best selling e-book, "Guerrilla Credit Guide, (How To
Jumpstart Your Cash Flow And Rapidly Turn Your Passion Into a Cash
Explosion),”  and his new book,
Winning the Credit  Game,  Joe Nunziata
, author of “Spiritual Selling,” and Andrew
Morrison, CEO of Small Business Camp, who teaches how to start and grow your
own business in 90 days and author
of “21 Questions That Can Build Your Business in 90 Days.”

Phil Andrews will
be the moderator. “Phil has an amazing knack for connecting people with
valuable business relationships that often develop into lasting friendships. At
the end of this workshop, everyone who participates will leave with a winning
business plan outline and get to meet our esteemed instructors. We're working
on refreshments for the event and some other goodies,” says Wyche

“There is no such thing
as middle class in this day and age. You’re either rich or you’re
poor.  Happily, nowadays, you can combine a good plan with a bit of
talent, strong perseverance, savvy and a little luck, and create a whole new
life for yourself.  But success is not for the lazy.  It takes a lot
of work, planning, determination and
discipline and positive people around you,” Wyche adds.

“I have been working with Milton
Allimadi, Publisher of The Black Star News and Harlem Business News and a
mighty arsenal of Associates, toward the economic empowerment of hard working
people, some with two, even three jobs, who are struggling to even feed their
families or keep a roof over their heads.  There are so many talented
people out there who could really do well in business given the chance.  But when approaching lenders for help with
financing, the first thing they are asked is, ‘Do you have a business
plan?  For many that question is like
running into a concrete wall.  Most
people cannot afford the thousands of dollars that professional business plan
writers charge, with no guarantee it will even get the results expected,” she

“The idea of writing one’s own
business plan for themselves can be quite intimidating without the proper
guidance, but a most empowering tool if they know what they’re doing.  The reality is, the best business plan is actually
one that is written by the owner of the business, together with his key
partners or managers, if he has any. 
That is why I put together this workshop.  We want to let people know that they can do
it and make their dreams happen.  The workshop will take place at the Brooklyn Public
Library, Bedford Branch, located at 496 Franklin Avenue, off Fulton Street
Brooklyn, New York.  It's a really nice, light, airy and pleasant
place.  I'm very excited about this and I look forward to meeting lots of
cool people with a passion and a dream and the will to succeed
, Wyche, who is also Managing Editor for Black Star
News and Harlem Business News, says.  

Herbert, CEO of The Professionals Network Organization, who is also running for
State Senate 2008, is a relentless advocate for business ownership on behalf of
people who are struggling financially.  “We here at The Professionals
Network Organization promote membership in an ownership society," says Herbert.
 “What better way to feel good about oneself than owning your own business
and being in a position to employ your neighbors?  I commend
Brenda for her vision in creating this program and support her efforts wholeheartedly.”


Participants are
strongly advised to bring pertinent information about their business, as they will
need it to help complete the business plan outline.  “The Money Makers’
Club Business Plan Workshop is for everyone who wants to win and have fun doing
it,” Wyche notes. 

Each attendee will
receive free access to Greg Jones’ best selling e-book, “Guerrilla Credit
Guide, (How To Jumpstart Your Cash Flow And Rapidly Turn Your Passion Into a
Cash Explosion).” 

The Money Makers’ Club Business
Plan Workshop is brought to you by Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC, The
Black Star News, Harlem Business News,
ACCIÓN New York & New Jersey, The Professionals
Network Organization,
Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch, Joe Nunziata’s Spiritual
Selling, Power Networking Business Series, Small Business Camp,
USA Closers, Inc., and
National Allotment Insurance Agency.

The event is Saturday, January 12,
2008, 12:00 PM, at Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch,
496 Franklin Avenue, off Fulton Street,  Brooklyn,
NY 11238.
Event Info Phone: (347) 789-3497.


for this workshop is required.  In order to register, go to 


learn more about the Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch, logon to


learn more about ACCIÓN
New York & New Jersey, logon to


learn more about Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC, logon to


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