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The Truth about Raising Capital

“How to legally print your own money�
Part 3 of 7

By Greg Jones

As a child, my grandfather would always give my brothers and me, the now rare $2 bills. My grandfather was a child during the depression and as such he was always very conscious about money and for what he spent it on. Well, I remember asking him; “Poppy how can I become richâ€?? He answered me by saying, “The first thing you are going to have to learn is how to make moneyâ€?. I remember saying to myself at the time, “is that all, man this is going to be easyâ€?. 

This is the first time my parents will be hearing this story, but I know they like all of you will get a kick out of it. In order to make money I decided to take some of the $2 bills that I possessed down to the local newsstand and proceeded to make myself a couple copies of the dollars. You have to visualize this, a skinny nine year old printing out a couple of sheets of money. The owner was a man by the name of Mr. Lee. He stopped me and said “do you know what you are doing?â€? I replied “of course I do, I am making money!â€? He broke out in laughter and said “you may call it that, but the law has a different name; counterfeitingâ€?. Sorry mom and dad. Seriously, why am I sharing this story? The moral of the story is that while what I did was incorrect I possessed the right state of mind, but I had no one to show me how to do it legally. Well this is what I am going to do for you in the next couple of minutes. Ready?  Read on.

Have you heard the old saying “truth is stranger than fiction�? Most of us have. What is strange yet true about my actions is that they were not that far from the truth. There is a principle of wealth creation that I will offer to you:

“Money isn’t real, it is only an idea.�

What does this mean? Let’s really examine it. When I mention this statement it usually takes some time for people to absorb the lesson. Our misunderstanding of money is so deeply rooted in myth and or sheer ignorance that it often takes longer than it should to catch the magnitude of the statement. What blocks us is our EQ, not IQ. Briefly, your EQ represents your Emotional Quotient or intelligence. When we can accept the concept that money is only an idea, and begin to use it, I can guarantee your life and state of your pocket/pocketbook will change.

So what are you saying Greg, I have to change how I feel about money in order to build wealth? Yes and No. Yes, in order to alter our physical reality we must modify our internal approach to this subject. However, no because after we accept this reality emotionally, there must be some sort of activity based on this newfound inner acceptance.

To apply all of this in everyday terms, ponder over the New York Times. A newspaper is a perfect example of printing money. The Editor organizes the writing of many people and then sells those ideas in the form of the periodical. But this isn’t the only way to print money. Take a piece of property that lets say is worth $600,000, but is being sold for $200,000 due to a nasty divorce settlement. Some of you can relate to this. Even if short of cash, you could borrow the entire amount from a private investor and coordinate the resale to another investor for $350,000. If you negotiated a 50/50 split, you would have netted $75,000 without spending a nickel of your own money. This was created essentially out of nothing for a modest seven day amount of time.

Another example is the ever popular Internet. I have been preaching for the last decade that the greatest event that happened in our lifetime took place in 1986. That is the year that the Berlin Wall came down and the Internet went up, thereby creating the infamous Information Age. Due to this new paradigm printing your own money has never been easier. Anyone and I do mean anyone can for pennies on the dollar take an idea, package it and with some modest marketing produce an asset that makes real money for you. If you still have any doubt about just how simple and attainable my words are, simply say with me E-Bay. This company and the thousands of people who operate their own virtual stores literally are making money selling items they do not own or even actually see. In order to profit from the new economy we all have to learn to stop thinking in terms of what you or I would buy and think of something that others would pay for that we can sell.

So to sum up how do we legally print our own money? Follow these simple steps:

1. Take some time to analyze the difference between your thinking and feelings on the subject of money realizing that it is only an idea.

2. Make the commitment to take action on any idea that you have formalized by writing it down. This does not have to be an original idea.

3. Take a couple of moments thinking about how and who would benefit from what you are offering even if you never could or would buy it.

4. Stop telling yourself that you hate to sell. Instead focus on helping people buy what you have to offer. Think of 100 ways to sell to 1 customer instead of trying to sell 100 customers 1 way.

5. Assign a value to what you are offering and look for people who already have a predisposed desire for what you are offering. Stop begging or attempting to convince people who are not interested.

6. Become a life long student on the subject of leverage. Just think of someone using a crowbar to pry open a door or latch.

7. Keep trying until you find something that works for you, remembering that oft times the true gold mine is what you are already great at, so why try to be an expert in something else?

In closing printing money can be fun and profitable. How do I know? You bought this paper. Smile.

Join us next week and learn: The Secret to Developing Your Inner CFO

Greg Jones is CEO of GJ Presents, Inc, Business Development Advisor and author of the book, The Art of Raising Capital.

He can be reached at

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