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The Truth about Raising Capital

“Mind Your Own Business or Suffer the Consequences!�
  Part 7 of 7

Have any of you ever searched for one thing and found another? It is sort of like looking for a picture of long lost love, team jersey or telephone number. Well, that is what happened to me two weekends ago. While searching diligently for a telephone number for an old friend, I discovered two very dear things to me. The first is a three dimensional model of the human heart given to me by my father twenty years ago, and a copy of a book that a stranger gave me while working in a soup kitchen ten years ago. The book’s name is The Double Helix by Nobel Prize winner James D. Watson and co-founder of the now famous “Double Helix or structure of the DNA�. What makes this so significant isn’t so much the topic of the book as much as the stranger’s comment to me on how to use the information in this particular book. I promise you will see the connection to this occurrence and our subject matter in just a minute.

No matter how often during our brief conversation that I would ask for his name, he would constantly utter “it doesn’t matter�. Well, his advice was to read the book and where the author explains the inner world of the human genome simply replace his view with that of a business. He kept pushing me to look past the analogy and go deeper still into how a business is constructed from what appears to be a hidden world, yet supremely affects the world (economically) in which we see every day.

Nearly ten years later I finally understand what this masterful instructor was giving me. Our DNA generates a command that produces everything we both see and don’t see as a human being. He desired for me to see that; like our DNA or genetic code; a seemingly small act of effort properly executed would and could produce a large impact on our lives economically.

Part 7 received this title because of what I see on the horizon not only for business, but more specifically regarding jobs in America. There is a storm brewing above the heads of many people in this country. I pray with better insight into the mechanics of both business and finance I can help awaken and empower the countless thousands who are still unaware of what is taking place. These articles were always intended to serve as a beacon for those of who are lost at sea in the rocky financial terrain called the poverty consciousness or servitude to debt.

In an unpublished booklet by the name of What If Chicken Little is Correct? I mentioned that the key indicator for controlling our destiny is mastery of what is called spare time. My grandfather often said that “what a person does with their spare time will determine whether they are successful or not�. With a business that you own even on a part time basis, you can take control of your current and future financial situation.

There are numerous books including my own on raising capital that address the subject of how to start your business, so I will not bother any of you with that. What I am going to offer is what types of business anyone can start which yield the greatest amount of leverage with regard to time. For your analysis I have outlined a few of the strategies from an upcoming seminar titled Confessions of a Rat Race Refugee: How I got Out!

1. Do not quit your job until you have first determined where you are emotionally regarding the subject of money.
2. Give up the antiquated thinking of finding a good job. The jobs of the future will be going to the LOWEST bidder. In less than a decade in order to have a more guaranteed position people will have to offer a lowball bid on each job as a private consultant.
3. Take some time to understand what leverage is. Just imagine how a jack lifts a car. Think of ways to leverage your current knowledge base into something profitable. Go back and reread some of my earlier articles on this subject.
4. Take a look at the prospect of Network Marketing or what is referred to as Multi Level Marketing. There is no better way for the average person to accumulate massive wealth. While I am on this subject, this type of business model is not a pyramid. The only pyramids are corporate America. In MLM or Network Marketing everyone makes money by helping others, while in Corporate America only the top makes money. There is a reason why Donald Trump recently stated on Larry King Live that “if I had to start my wealth all over again I would do it this time with Network Marketingâ€?.
5. Take a long look at real estate. I am not talking about those late night commercials. I am referring to earning money servicing this industry. For instance, I own a mortgage company, as well as a business advisory firm. My mortgage company specializes in securing mortgages for business owners (Nationally) who have credit difficulties. You could also get a real estate license and help first time home buyers find a home. Do you realize that most agents never buy even one investment property for themselves? You can literally find your own deals like this. Or you could become a part time appraiser, home inspector, home guarantee insurance agent. The list is literally endless.
6. Write a booklet on something that you know a lot about. Remember the secret to writing is not to assume that because you may have insight into a particular subject it doesn’t mean that other people do. Believe me they will pay.
7.  Take a stab at inventing. A good friend of mine will be writing a column next week on this very subject. Look out for it. It is called the Inventor’s Way.

I could go on and on. Just think in terms of multiple streams of income. The key thing that everyone reading this must remember is; how much you earn, isn’t as important as how much you are keeping to your bottom line. Folks; do you recall what I mentioned in an earlier article about cash flow? The only way to control the amount you pay out is going to come in the form of what I have been pointing you to and that is financial literacy. Each business idea that you make manifest will require protection and a structure in order to facilitate this stream of income that every last one of you will produce. While it is beyond the scope of this article and my legal authority to offer legal advice the following two books will absolutely shorten your learning curve:

1. Inc Yourself by Judith H. McQuown
2. Own Your Own Corporation by Garrett Sutton, Esq.

Take some time and read up on the power of corporations. If you take heed to the information being presented to you, it will not matter if Chicken Little is right because you unlike most people will be quite prepared. Thank you.

*If anyone is interested in learning further on any of the strategies mentioned in this article or a list of my future seminars please reach out to me at the newspaper.

I have a special BONUS for you.   Join us next week and learn: “How to Become a Money Magnetâ€?

Greg Jones is CEO of GJ Presents, Inc, Business Development Advisor and author of the upcoming book The Art of Raising Capital.

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