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How to Become a Money Magnet
Recently, I read a book entitled, The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance by Ron Chernow. As you may have already deduced; it is a book about the infamous financier J.P Morgan. More specifically it is a tale of the rise, fall, and resurrection of an American empire; The House of Morgan.

What does the history of the Morgan dynasty have to do with becoming a money magnet? In a word; everything!

The market is currently flooded with books on prosperity, wealth, financial freedom, etc.  The main ingredient that so many books fail to mention is the fact that money is nothing more than a tool. What J.P Morgan understood is that the utilization not amassing of money and wealth is what creates power and influence.

I would suggest that anyone looking to understand where this country is, how we got here and where it is headed financially should consider reading this book.  However, I would like to mention before we continue that what I am offering is practical application of combining relevant historical data, scientific method and universal law. By the end of the article you will have to make a decision. Your decision will be, “Am I going to take personal responsibility for my financial future or not?â€?  Right now, there are some of you saying how broke you are, you don’t have time, no education, the man is holding you/us down, etc. To all of that I say, let’s be real! I guarantee anyone who says any of the above or countless BS excuses does the following:

1. Plays Lotto, Numbers, Power Ball, Lucky 8, etc.
2. Spent more time planning their last or next vacation than they did their future.
3. Has at least two televisions in thire house with cable of some sort.
4. Has had an idea that they know would have worked if they would have just taken action with it.

If the above statements bear any similarity to anyone you know either living or dead, it is 100% intentional. Am I right? Of course I am. The problem isn’t that we don’t have resources; it is that we do not have a sincere interest in our financial situation until we are in a bad situation.

Okay, now that I have gotten some of you angry at me, I hope you stick with me for the next couple of minutes. I mean no disrespect, but the condition of so many of us is like a person suffering from a heart attack while lying on his back in a closet in the emergency room. If that were you, would you care what I said to you if those words saved your life?  Of course you wouldn’t. Well this article is that final call to listen!

Let’s deal with the requirements to become a money magnet. As a child have you ever played with a magnet? Did you or do you remember what happened when you placed the two ends that had similar power of attraction? They repelled one another, correct? In physics this is called the magnetic force or magnetism. There is a little-known definition that I would like to share with you from The Origin of Everyday Words:

Magnetism - Universal energy that gathers all, coming especially from the physical body.

My 8th grade science teacher Mr. Marino would always say this about magnetism:
“Magnetism is a mysterious phenomenon to children (& adults- My note). They can see the results of the repulsion and attraction, but the reason why it happens is very confusing. The word magnetism may be new to students, but the only way you can define magnetism is to have the students play with the "force."

As this force relates to money, we would call it an asset. In an earlier article I mentioned that an asset is any item which holds commercial or exchange value. What has greater commercial value than our minds and/or those ideas which spring forth from our minds?

As it relates to making this force work on our behalf, I have discovered from my research and experience that there exist 25 money magnets in life. *I will provide a portion of them now for you:

1. Understand there is no limit to the amount of available compensation for everyone to enjoy.

2. Get away from the concept of doing good work and the money will follow. This is simply not true. People who, in our opinion are bad and the truly bad make a lot of money in spite of this. When money comes it is rarely just because of good hard work alone.

3. Accept your responsibility to be a financial success.

4. Give up the archaic concept that money is evil at the emotional level. I do not mean what you think about having lots of money, but how you feel about the subject of money.

5. Take Old Man Alibi out back and shoot him. Give up all any excuses no matter what they may be.

6. Speak money, get comfortable talking about it.

7. Become an expert in something. You can’t be everything to everyone.

8. Do something with your life. So many people have no direction and will not even attempt to find one.

9. Dump the energy vampires from your life. Enough said!

10. Follow through on what you say and do. My father made this point to my brothers and me by teaching us about the speed of light and the speed of sound. Sound moves at 1,120 feet per second, while light travels at 186,000 miles per second. So people see you faster than they hear you.

11. Have integrity. I do not mean self righteous judgment. I am referring to possessing a sense of what is right for you while never attempting to infringe upon the rights of other human beings.

12. Ask questions, ask for help. The universe has prepared people to help you as their specific goal of becoming a money magnet as well.

13. Live your life with passion. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Tony Robbins. He states that ‘passion is the genesis for geniusâ€?.

14. Learn the valuable art of discernment. This is not a course that you will find in a class, course or book necessarily. It is something that you must learn by taking the time to see what is true and good for you. This is the twin daughter of integrity.

In closing, as you ponder what was shared with you this week; take some time to consider the following statement:

“You can’t eat philosophy. If what you learn doesn’t help you it is probably hurting you�

My Dad,
Greg Jones Sr.

Everyone reading this article has different belief systems, philosophies, financial conditions, circumstances, goals and so forth. However, no matter what we believe to be reality, there is one force which will destroy us if we fail to take action. That force’s name is TIME! Make sure you do not attempt to BS this opponent, for it is all around us observing our every move and lack of it. While it has been said that we all possess the same 24 hour period in a day, I would challenge you with a verse from the scripture:

“No man knoweth the hour which is his end�.

 Please don’t waste another second. Go and begin planning your financial destiny now.

Join us next week and learn: Why Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

*PS- The full context of the list is explained in my book The Art of Raising Capital.

Greg Jones is CEO of GJ Presents, Inc, Business Development Advisor and author of the upcoming book, The Art of Raising Capital.

He can be reached at [email protected]

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