Celebs Prefer Original Leather

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What do famous celebrities Julia Roberts, Mary J. Blige, Bruce Willis, Sheryl Crow, Nicholas Cage, Drew Barrymore, Shakira, and Lenny Kravitz all have in common? They all wear Original Leather pieces created by the same chic and modern leather company.  
When it comes to leather, these celebs know to shop at Original Leather (
http://OriginalLeather.com), located in trendy SoHo. Original Leather has become the place for celebrities and others who are looking for a superb leather or shearling style that they won’t have to worry about seeing on anybody else.       

While most designers today include leather and shearling designs in their collection, Original Leather set this trend years ago, and others still follow. From the beginning they have treated leather and shearling as precious materials. They excel at creating collections of wonderfully understated and sexy garments.      

“Just as our name implies, we specialize in leather products that are original and custom,â€? explains Steve Rappaport, owner of Original Leather. “The people we cater to are those that are looking for something a little more interesting and reflective of their personality than they can generally find elsewhere. We offer pieces that are completely original, and our style offers a quiet refinement with a sexy undertone.â€?      

Although you don’t have to be a celebrity to get the royal treatment, the experience of working with Original Leather will leave everyone feeling like one. Rare anywhere, Original Leather carries a wide variety of exotic skin leather garments. â€œWhatever it is that someone wants, we will try to get it for them,â€? says Rappaport. “We have a great line of exotics to choose from, including alligator, crocodile, ostrich, shark, python, and even lizard. We will create the custom piece that they are looking for, one that will match their personality and lifestyle.â€?      

Original Leather has been featured in numerous magazines, plays, advertisements, and movies, like “Sex & the Cityâ€? and on Edward Norton in Spike Lee’s “25th Hour.â€? The way they do business has created a whole new segment to the leather and fashion design industry. Original Leather is extremely popular with a sophisticated group of New Yorkers, those in the entertainment crowd, and is also well known throughout the fashion industry. Today Original Leather is hotter than ever.      

“Our goal is to satisfy the high-end leather consumer,� adds Rappaport. “We do that by catering to their needs and wants, by either creating a signature piece, or finding them a ready to wear item from our collection that conveys a superb sense of style and a subtle sexiness.�

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