Collegians Growing Their Business

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(Business coach Byron Perry).

Black Star News Business columnist Phil Andrews recently interviewed noted businessman Byron Perry, President & Founder of The Winners Group (Where Business Leaders Strategize). Perry has recently launched a new lecture series titled Campus C.E.O. which is a dynamic and motivational lecture on the "ways-and-means" of the collegian entrepreneurs. Perry has been a guest on local radio stations such as WLIB-AM and WWRL-AM and has been profiled in local community newspapers such as Queens Chronicle, Jamaica Times, and Press Southeast Queens.
BSN:  Byron Perry, what is your business background?  
Byron Perry: I majored in Business Administration at Queens Borough Community College.  I have skills in business administration, sales training, street festivals planning, ticket sales, and event organization.

BSN:  How long have you been doing business related seminars and workshops?
Byron Perry:  I have been doing business seminars and workshops since 1989.  The first seminar I conducted was in Long Island at the Hempstead Public Library.

BSN:  You have a new lecture series named Campus C.E.O, what does it entail?
Byron Perry:  First of all, the Campus C.E.O. programs deals with how collegiate students can learn to become entrepreneurs or for those already in business they can learn to improve their business.  The lecture series teaches students the necessary steps needed to become successful business owners.

BSN:  What do you hope to achieve with the Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series?
Byron Perry:  Give the students the option to create money while they are college students,  teach time management, and share with them the benefits of creating their own business and becoming a successful business owners while still a college student.

BSN:  What is the profile of a Campus C.E.O.?
Byron Perry:  The same profile of an entrepreneur, energetic, passionate, self-starter, confident, able to delegate, willing to take risk, and likes to meet challenges.

BSN: What are some of the topics that will be covered in the Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series?
Byron Perry:  The Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series will ask students questions and engage them in business related topics.  Topics such as: Marketing; Cash Flow; Getting employees; Finding Investors; Taking advantage of getting help from Professors; Hiring fellow students as employees or business partners; How to raise capital for your business, and; Exploring types of businesses you can run while a student.

BSN:  The Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series sounds great, are there any CEO’s of major corporations who started their enterprises while attending college?
Byron Perry:  Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

BSN:  Byron, is there a geographical area of colleges that you are targeting for the Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series?
Byron Perry:  City University of New York (C.U.N.Y.), State University of New York (S.U.N.Y.), St. John’s University, private Colleges and Universities in New York City, in all five boroughs,  and Colleges and Universities in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

BSN:  What is the range of organizations that can benefit for the Campus C.E.O. Lecture Series?
Byron Perry:  Fraternities, Sororities, Student Organizations, Business Clubs, Alumni Association, and Business Departments of Colleges and Universities, etc.

BSN:  How can organizations, colleges, and universities contact you regarding bringing the Campus C.E.O. Program group?
Byron Perry:  They may contact me at 718.558.0330 or email  Please include telephone number, contact person name, and fax number.

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