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Across the nation, homes are entering into foreclosure at higher rates than ever before.

According to Realty Trac, a company that tracks foreclosures, the number of properties that entered foreclosure during 2006 was up 42 percent across the nation. Some cities are seeing even more alarming increases, such as New York City, which had an 82 percent increase. Clearly, there is a national problem—but now there’s also a way of dealing with it.

“People have problems paying their mortgage for a variety of reasons,” explains James Redmond, president of “Every day, people relocate, get divorced, or find they can no longer afford their mortgage. Sometimes these problems lead to paying double mortgages for a while.”

There is no shortage of problems pushing people into needing a quick sale on their home, but with the current real estate market it’s not possible in all areas. While a few markets may be experiencing quick sales at top dollar prices, it’s not representative of most of the country. Currently, most areas are struggling to find buyers, and home sales are taking longer than most sellers have the patience for. provides those sellers with an array of options to help them sell their home quickly. They assist in determining what to look for and how sellers can protect themselves. The company does this without getting commissions from the sellers or burdening them with the arrangements.

“If someone is having health problems or has lost their job, they can’t wait the six months or more it may take for their home to sell,” says Redmond. “They lose money because they continuously have to lower the price, and if they have financial problems, their home could go into foreclosure. We offer the best possible solution for a quick, hassle-free sale.”


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