Designer Katongole's Afro-Retro-Street Style Influences

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[Business: Fashion] 

Uganda-born Business woman and fashion designer Solome Katongole. 

BSN: What inspires you to design? 
Anything inspires me but if I have to narrow it down, it is my Ugandan
culture, nature, art, the 50's style, and street style.

BSN: How long have you been designing? 
Professionally it’s been almost three years, but I started before even
attending FIDM. I started designing while I was doing my undergraduate
studies. All together it’s been eight years.  
BSN: When did you know you wanted to be a designer? 
Coming from Uganda I was introduced to fashion in a sense of color and
fabrics. Attending many family events at a young age I was exposed to
seeing different esthetics of the formal traditional wear at these
functions. I was officially introduced to fashion when I participated in
a college fashion shows. I became more involved by attending, designing
and modeling in several fashion shows. During that time I was working
at Lord & Taylor I had direct contact with clothing with different
textures. I became very curious about the garment construction and that
fueled my hunger to learn about the full cycle of designing. 

BSN: How would you describe your style? 
I don’t have a particular style. I'm a lot of things, chic, vintage,
casual and glamorous. I don’t follow trends because there’s a continuous
change and it can get expensive.

BSN: How do you incorporate your cultural background into your designs? 
I was born in Uganda and raised on the western part of the world so my
designs reflect both parts. Traditional wear in Africa has changed in
terms of fabric and shape. African women are more embracing of their
traditional outfits but with a modern twist. My collections always have a
touch of Uganda from the fabrics I use to the silhouettes. I merge
western and traditional silhouettes/fabrics to create and construct
garments with a modern twist.

What makes your designs unique?

Katongole: My
collections always have a touch of Uganda from the fabrics I use to the
silhouettes. The label produces garments that are personalized for each
client; that’s the special treat for my customers.
BSN: For who do you design? What kind of woman is she? 
A fashion forward woman with an exclusive taste and not afraid to
experiment with unique fabrics and style. A woman who loves and wears
garments that are chic, sophisticated, and make a statement.

BSN: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 
I see myself being more creative and seeing growth of my business, I
want to see my work in high-end boutiques and to also have my own
standing boutiques in locations such as LA, New York City, and Uganda. I want my
brand to be a household name and known globally. 
BSN: If you weren't designing what would you be doing? 
Katongole: If I were not a fashion designer I would be working in a lab somewhere.
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