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Kermit Eady, founder and former president of the Black United Fund of New York, has developed another means or empowering people within the African Diaspora, especially here in New York. Eady, who started BUFNY with $8,000 dollars and over a twenty-five year period built the organization to over $100 million in services and assets, utilizing payroll deductions as the primary fundraising method, is now, after an initial debut about eight months ago, ready to push full-steam ahead with the Eady Associates Empowerment Institute.

“The Institute will teach our people how to develop a startup business, even when you don't have a large amount of capital,� he says. “We will develop, within our seminar series, the participants’ understanding and practice of universal/spiritual laws, which the lack of has kept Blacks in a state of ignorance, dependence and vulnerable to manipulation and oppression.� The seminars are designed to bring out God-given talents and creativity which will bring about a change in one's thinking and behavior. “The universal/spiritual laws will be taught, in great part, from a Biblical base, which, when digested, will bring about a positive attitude, as well as a positive approach to business and business development,� says Eady.

Also, a major part of the training will be lectures conducted by Black business persons that will give the participants firsthand knowledge of business startup experiences. The institute has pulled together Black business persons that will serve as lecturers and resource persons for the attendees. Entrepreneurs such as John Beatty, proprietor, Cotton Club; Earl “The Pearl� Monroe, restaurateur, Earl Monroe’s; Queen Afua, author, proprietor, Heal Thyself; Messrs. Pierre and Percy Sutton, Inner city Broadcasting; Claude Sharrieff-Frazier, radio host, News & Views/WPAT-AM, and restaurateur, Windows Over Harlem; Bob Law, former host, Night Talk and now restaurateur, Sea Food Café; Dennis Walker, proprietor, Exterior Design; Gil Noble, host, Like It Is, WABC/TV; Brian Figeroux attorney and newspaper publisher; Bob Pickett, attorney, and co-host, Open Line/KISS-FM; Milton Allimadi, publisher, Black Star News, and many others will be at the Institute’s launching, Tuesday, February 23rd.

Additionally, the Institute will work to assist the graduates in obtaining financing for business development, as well as promoting the concepts and principles of partnerships and partnering. “Sadly, in the Black community, leadership is traditionally’ defined by those that are involved in politics and activism; however, in other communities, business leaders in their positive roles are the drivers of stability, real power and progress. In this country, the power behind politics and activism is business. Therefore, we have asked our corporate leaders to take up their leadership role and teach our people the principles and concepts of sound business practices. With this process in full force, we will bring about the necessary networking and interlocking of business, institutions and organizations, thereby creating a community support and delivery system,� Eady adds.

The Empowerment Institute training seminars will be held every Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-9:30 PM at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building, 163 West 125th Street, 3rd Floor for a period of five weeks—a total of 20 hours. The first seminars series will begin Tuesday, March 14th.

The Institute’s launching will take place February 23rd, at the same above location. All are welcome. For further Information, call 1-888-538-9803 or email to info@eadyassiciates.com

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