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Continuing to expand its empowerment agenda, Eady Associates announced today the addition of two new partners to the firm. Adrienne E. Adams has joined EA as Vice President of Operations and Marketing, and Jason Byrd has come on board as Vice President of Communications and Information.

With Ms. Adams and Mr. Byrd come a plethora of skills and knowledge that will take the company to another level in providing services to individuals and businesses engaging in start-up, or expanding and growing existing companies.

Adrienne Adams brings a vast background in corporate training, business management and marketing; and has held managerial positions in such major companies as MCI and WinStar Communications. At MCI, Ms. Adams represented the company in public speaking forums and panels throughout the New York metropolitan area, and coordinated MCI sponsored seminars and symposiums, while partnering with local city Chambers of Commerce. During her tenure at WinStar Communications, Ms. Adams served as Regional Business Operations Manager and provided financial management, executive reporting and personnel efficiency for ten northern regional cities in the US. In her capacity as Corporate Training Manager at InfoHighway Communications, Ms. Adams launched the company's first web-based training site, which introduced an automated means of acquiring training resources for all employees.

In addition to her Corporate expertise, she brings a well rounded resume of community experience. Ms. Adams is an Evangelist and an accomplished Christian vocalist. She is a graduate of Spelman College and an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Ms. Adams is currently pursuing an MBA in marketing at the New York Institute of Technology.
Jason Byrd brings over 10 years of experience in Computer technology, specializing in web-design and technology training. He has also worked in managerial positions at such corporations as Greater Living Foods, Norvergence, S&D Marketing Inc. and the Harvest Information & Technical Center.

Mr. Byrd is an experienced sales manager and has managerial experience in managing over fifty employees. He is an excellent motivational speaker and is well versed in communications. He is an authentic leader with great interpersonal skills. He attended Temple University, specializing in Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media.

Kermit Eady, President and CEO of Eady Associates says these two partners bring a tremendous amount of professionalism to the company and that their presence will add to the existing high degree of credibility, whereby those that seek and utilize our services will be secure in knowing that their high expectations of EA will not falter.

Adrienne and Jason look forward to working with Kermit Eady, their uncle, and adding their expertise and skills to assist in making EA a company that will surely lead to the empowerment of Black and minority communities here in America and around the globe, utilizing sound business development principles.

Eady Associates is a full service consulting Company that specializes in business development, and whose principles have over 50 years of combined training and business experience in the areas of for-profit and not-for-profit business development. The areas of specialization at Eady Associates include, but not limited to, accessing payroll deduction markets, fundraising, website design, motivational speaking, referral service for legal and financial services, construction and construction management, property management, business management and marketing, staff development and training and business seminars where first hand and on site instruction takes place in the how to's of developing a business.

For more information about Eady Associates please call: 888-538-9803 or E-Mail: info@kermiteady.com and please visit us on the web at www.kermiteady.com


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