Effective Selling Boot Camp

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Let's face it -- if you’re not making any money, realistically, you’re not “in business.”  You can have the coolest product, the most innovative marketing system, the most engaging website, the best networking skills, and so on, and so on -- but if you're not selling anything, NONE OF IT MATTERS!!!

Everyone tells you that in order to get business, you have to prospect. But nobody tells you how to customize it for your business. Every business can't prospect the same way. There is no standardized way to prospect that applies to everyone.

Some business owners have retail locations. Would you tell them they should knock on doors to get business? Not very smart advice. Some business owners work nationally; mostly via telephone. Would you tell them to hand out flyers? Sounds crazy.

Some business owners sell products; some services. Some sell to consumers; some to businesses. All these variables suggest very clearly that the approach to prospecting must be flexible. This is not about "One size fits all". Anyone promising that is leading you down the wrong road. 

Effective Selling Boot Camp (a four-part webinar series) was designed to help you better understand how to manage prospecting -- an essential component to master the art of selling.  During Part 1 and Part 2 of Effective Selling Boot Camp we will uncover the variables that determine what kind of prospecting will work best for your business. Thus, enabling you to develop strategies that work especially for you,

Fundamentally, if you get a lot of people interested in what you have to offer, but cannot get them to buy, your efforts will have been wasted. To address this issue, once we have enabled you to figure out how to connect with your potential customers, we will move on to Part 3 and Part 4, which will teach you how to optimize your sales experience.

Join us for Effective Selling Boot Camp. By the end of the very first session, you will have the tools you need to design a prospecting strategy for your specific needs.

Decide, Commit, Conquer

Register now for Effective Selling Boot Camp for just $19.95 per session.  Effective Selling Boot Camp will give you actionable information that you can use immediately for your business. These are advanced selling techniques designed so that even the most inexperienced person can easily implement them.

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About Francisco J. Acosta

Mr. Acosta heads up the Sales Division of Internal Business Consulting, a New York company focusing on payment processing and cost reduction consulting. In sales since 1984, Mr. Acosta's career spans direct, retail, manufacturing, telemarketing and corporate sales.

Along with his varied selling background, Mr. Acosta has contributed to training initiatives for several companies. He has created the sales presentations that have been used by entire sales organizations. He has also innovated training strategies for several companies. At one company he streamlined the training schedule to such a degree that the time it took for new sales representatives to become productive went from three months to two weeks.

The majority of his experience has been in the credit card processing industry, where he has represented some of the largest processors in the country. His extensive corporate training, coupled with his creativity, has given Mr. Acosta a unique differential advantage. His vision and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind his success.

Mr. Acosta is a member in good standing with The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, he is Co-Founder The Brooklyn Business Guild and Volunteer Instructor at WIBO (an organization that enables small business owners and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses).

Do not miss Effective Selling Boot Camp!  CLICK HERE to Register now.  Space is limited -- register today!

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