Ensuring Your Business’ Survival

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(You need to do some basic things first to ensure eventual prosperity).

Every year, thousands of individuals start their own small businesses, only to fail. The failure, in a lot of cases, isn’t always due to a lack of effort or a faulty product; a lot of times it’s simply a matter of inexperience.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs, Vincent J. Acierno is sharing his small business knowledge--and it’s not the type that commonly found today. It’s knowledge that is discovered only through decades of working through successes and failures in the cut-throat world of business.

Acierno is founder and chairman of Service Business Systems www.ServiceBusinessSystems.com a company that specializes in developing materials to aid in the startup and marketing of small businesses. A veteran of the business world, Acierno started his own small business after leaving behind a successful career on Wall Street in 1984. He first opened Lawn King Landscaping before creating a multidimensional service business that specialized in landscaping, cleaning, pest control, and street sweeping. “Implementing the multiple service approach was when we really took off,” states Acierno. “We simply listened to what customers wanted and found ways to create services that met their needs.”

Acierno’s multidimensional business was successful enough to create a franchising program, however as the program moved towards completion he was diagnosed with cancer. After a long battle which unfortunately forced him to sell pieces of his business, Acierno decided to use his career-long knowledge to create a franchise operations manual based on techniques he used. The franchise operations manual is the basis for Service Business Systems.

“It’s based on everything I learned and saw in my career,” says Acierno about the manual. “It covers things that a lot of people don’t even think about when they’re starting their own small business.” The “things that people don’t think about” include many of the forms, proposals, and contracts that many prospective small business owners don’t know exist when they’re developing their ideas. More importantly are the items and forms that many entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars worth of legal fees on.

“Unless you’ve started a business before, you would have no way of knowing that there are so many charges and fees to pay,” states Acierno. “It was my goal in developing the manual to provide people with the necessary forms so that they wouldn’t waste their money unnecessarily.”

In addition to the provided manual, Acierno provides three business guides for clients who order through the company’s website. One guide is aimed at advertising and marketing, one is designed with start-up information, and one details public relations and publicity. With so much information provided in one package, Acierno hopes to continue his ride of success--this time while bringing others with him.

“It’s not just about me, which I like,” states Acierno about Service Business Systems. “My success is based on helping other people reach their goal of financial freedom…it’s a satisfying feeling.”

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