Entrepreneur Keisha Green Defeated Double Amputation, Adversity

Keisha Green
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[Keisha Green]
Keisha Green's remarkable story of tenacity has been featured on media outlets and shows such as: Bossip, Rolling Out Magazine, the Steve Harvey Show, and Your World with Creflo Dollar Show.
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Successful business entrepreneur Keisha Green's life journey is filled with her personal stories of overcoming obstacles as a Black woman.

Born in the number eighth poverty city of the country, (Syracuse, NY,) a teen-age single mother of 3 boys and a high school drop-out, Keisha Green had every reason to succumb to the pressures of life. However, Green became a successful business owner and created a powerful and productive environment for her family.

In 2010, Keisha relocated her family and business to Atlanta, GA. In 2013, Keisha experienced a life-altering car accident which left her as a bilateral amputee. With no additional support from family, friends or colleagues, Keisha had to quickly redefine her steps.

After a mini coma post-accident, Green experienced a supernatural calling on her life. During this period, she obtained a glimpse into her future journey and she heard a calling. Keisha awoke from this life-threatening tragedy, ready to live out her God-given purpose.

Keisha’s story could have ended with this tragic accident.

She was offered a settlement and disability. But Green did not want that to be her reality.

She began studying investment platforms, researching investment opportunities and today she is the owner of a luxury home, multiple luxury vehicles, two major commercial properties,  and a storefront.

She is now working on the development of a luxury community for women with physical disabilities.

Green has kicked off “Multiple Streams with Keisha Green” which is an ongoing course affordably priced that teaches young, single moms how to invest, how to obtain business credit, how to become real estate moguls, and how to survive during Covid-19 without government assistance.

Green understands that the promises of America can be found in real estate. Green, who is also the author of two books (including "Falling to Stand") is in the process of partnering with several organizations to build a library in Nigeria, as well as to provide wheelchairs, canes, medical supplies, and walkers for the Nigerian community. 

Green is dedicated to empowering women just like herself successfully achieve their dreams. Keisha Green's remarkable story of tenacity has been featured on media outlets and shows such as: Bossip, Rolling Out Magazine, the Steve Harvey Show, and  Your World with Creflo Dollar Show.

For more info on Keisha Green log on to https://www.keishagreen.com/

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