Fall Style: Natural Neutrals

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(Haircolor will also be low maintenance this Autumn—honey brown).

Autumn is always the most exciting season in the fashion world. 

The playful sun and swimwear have been put away, and it’s time to get down to the real business of what’s hot and what’s not on the fashion scene.

This year, the international fashion runways clearly define fall as a season of simple, dramatic looks. When it comes to color, the black and white trend begun in the summer is definitely continuing, with grays, nudes and pale golds extending the neutral theme, and an occasional splash of color coming from deep purple, red and even chartreuse. 

Tailored suits, long tunics, tweeds and plaids will salute the long and lean look, while big collars, big sleeves, voluminous capes and swing jackets ramp that look up with new volume.  Accessories – almost gone for the past few seasons - are returning with a vengeance. Bags and shoes get bigger and chunkier, textured leggings are all the rage, gloves slink up to the elbows, antique jewelry and watches are ever-present, and – dare we say it – fur or fur-trimmed items are even sneaking back onto fashion’s “must” list.

“Hair styles and color are reflecting this softer, yet more austere silhouette,” says Clairol Color and Style Master Ingrinette Pope. “Hair will be worn longer, styles will be unstructured, natural, very low maintenance, whether worn loose or pulled back softly in a ponytail or scarf.  

Haircolor will also be low maintenance. Enhance your natural color, add shine and brightness, with one of ten different brunette shades in the Beautiful Collection, a semi-permanent haircolor that is so gentle it can be used immediately following a relaxer treatment. If you want to eliminate gray or try a completely new shade, opt for a permanent color like rich gold or deep red from Textures & Tones. 

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