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On December 3, 2007, Brenda Jeanne Wyche, Managing Editor of The Black Star News, Harlem Business News, and CEO of Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC, launched the Money Maker Club for Start Ups and Emerging Small Business.  The initiative of the program is to help put a jumpstart on stagnant businesses and help people who are interested in starting their own business as well as entrepreneurs who want their existing businesses to grow. 

“We are inviting everyone who is starting a new business or trying to develop and grow an existing small business to come together and learn how to actually make money with your business by systematically following the steps that lead us to the money. We are going to begin by writing our own business plan. I already have experts in place to help us.

“Write Your Own Business Plan -- Taking It To The Bank' is first in a series of workshops that the Money Makers Club will be presenting.  This will be a FREE full-day interactive workshop where everyone who participates will write their own business plan outline with the help of business expert and former bank VP, Mark Davis, Greg Jones, VP of USA Closers Inc. , and author of the best selling e-book, 'Guerrilla Credit Guide, (How To Jumpstart Your Cash Flow And Rapidly Turn Your Passion Into a Cash Explosion),'  and his new book, 'Winning the Credit  Game,'  Joe Nunziata  , author of “Spiritual Selling,” whom I call, 'Mr. Amazing.' Joe will change your life before you even leave the shop -- that man is like raging fire.  Another incredible instructor, Andrew Morrison, CEO of Small Business Camp, who teaches how to start and/or grow your own business in 90 days and author of “21 Questions That Can Build Your Business in 90 Days,” will be with us, Networking guru, Phil Andrews  will be our moderator. Phil has an amazing knack for connecting people with valuable business relationships that often develop into lasting friendships. At the end of this workshop, everyone who participates will leave with a winning business plan outline and get to meet our esteemed instructors. We're working on refreshments for the event and some other goodies," stated Wyche.

“Milton (ALLIMADI, PUBLISHER OF BLACK STAR NEWS AND HARLEM BUSINESS NEWS) and I are on a relentless mission for empowerment of hard working people who are struggling to even feed their families or keep a roof over their heads.  There is no such thing as middle class in this day and age.  You’re either rich or you’re poor.  Happily, nowadays, you can combine a good plan with a bit of talent, strong perseverance, savvy and a little luck (short formula), and create a whole new life for yourself.  But success is not for the lazy.  It takes a lot of work, planning, determination and discipline, positive people around you, and KNOCK, KNOCK, you have to 'recognize opportunity when it knocks and grab it by the horns (I got that last one from The Donald),” Wyche continued.

“I will share the truth about making money and business plans exposed,” stated Greg Jones who also contributed a seven part business series to The Black Star News entitled, “Capital Insight.”

The workshop will take place at the Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch, located at 496 Franklin Avenue, off Fulton Street Brooklyn, New York.  “It's a really nice, light, airy and pleasant place.  I'm very excited about this and I look forward to meeting lots of cool people with a passion and a dream and the will to succeed.”

“The Winning Strategies & Associates’ Money Maker Series is a valuable resource that can  significantly impact the attendees’ bottom line and day to day business operations in a very positive way,”  says PR professional, Phil Andrews.

Participants are strongly advised to bring pertinent information about your business, as you will need it to help you complete your business plan outline.  “The Money Makers’ Club Business Plan Workshop is for everyone who wants to win and have fun doing it,” Wyche concluded. 

Each attendee will receive FREE access to Greg Jones’ best selling e-book, “Guerrilla Credit Guide, (How To Jumpstart Your Cash Flow And Rapidly Turn Your Passion Into a Cash Explosion).” 

The Money Makers’ Club Business Plan Workshop is brought to you by Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC, Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch, Harlem Business News,,  The Black Star News, USA Closers Inc., Joe Nunziata’s Spiritual Selling, Phil Andrews' Power Networking Business Series and Andrew Morrison's Small Business Camp.

Who:  Winning Strategies & Associates, LLC Money Makers’ Club

Write Your Own Business Plan -- Taking It To The Bank

  Saturday, January 12, 2008, 12:00 PM

Brooklyn Public Library, Bedford Branch
496 Franklin Avenue, off Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (347) 789-3497

Seating is limited to the first 100 peple to register.  Registration for this workshop is required.  To register, go to 

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