Georgia Woodbine: New Age Prophet

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Have you ever picked up a self-help or “how-to” book thousands of pages long and found it difficult to maintain focus or found that half the book consisted of quotes from other people?  Well not this one.  How to Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul will keep your interest from start to finish.  Author, Georgia Woodbine tells it like it is in a clear, unpretentious and non-judgmental manner in which everyone can understand and appreciate, in her own words.  Certainly, she will use a quote here or there, but for the right reason – to enlighten the reader --  not as filler. 

Be warned, however, How to Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul is the type of book that will tempt many readers to skim through the pages because of the great anticipation of what Georgia will say next.  But you won’t dare turn that page until every word is completely and steadfastly absorbed.  Personally, How To Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul was a refreshing affirmation, a monumental gesture of love and in parts, a learning experience.  Very often, I found myself highlighting in yellow, some of Georgia’s most powerful statements – to refer to for strength when being “tested” --until I realized in my amazement, that the entire book was becoming yellow. 

It’s the fastest I’ve ever read a “How To” book, because it is dripping with an endless variety of sweet, nutritious fruits to savor, appreciate and enjoy.  Very importantly, How to Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul contains what every one of us wants in a self-help book – it’s 95% about the reader.  What can this book do for me?  Once you get into this book, which will without question happen as soon as you read page one, believe me  you will be interested in that 5% Georgia shares about herself and more.  You will wonder – what type of woman writes such a book?  How did she find the ability to do this?  Where is she coming from?  You will want to know. 

Precise and to the point, How to Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul is not the kind of book you just read and put down.  You will take your time and absorb it because you will feel the power in every word.  A person who really wants to be successful will read it through, go back to the beginning and study it and refer to it often for personal and business guidance.  Georgia breaks it down in a way so many so-called financial and business gurus have promised to do, but she does it without the fluff and stuff, in a way that everyone can follow and actually enjoy.  How To Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul is the filet mignon of “how-to,” “self-help” and “self-discovery” books.

Georgia talks about what’s holding us back and how to break out of bondage and move forward.  She even tells you step-by-step, how to move forward and achieve your goals, live your dreams and enjoy the ride.  Georgia Woodbine is one person you will gladly welcome to tell you straight out what to do and what not to do because she will, in a way that is easy to follow, guide you through an easier path to success by showing you how to avoid the myriad of obstacles and pitfalls so many of us have encountered and still do.  Everyone can read this book and come away armed with power tools necessary for their success – and what’s more, EDGE – that edge that will help us beat the competition.

For anybody who is serious about making a success of their life, if you follow this book and put the “smart work” (as Georgia calls it) in, you have no choice but to win – BIG TIME!

For those who are already in business or living their dream, How To Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul is a joyful retrospect of where you’ve come from and how far you have come.  You will toast Georgia Woodbine for her generosity in sharing this knowledge and insight in such an empowering and useful way, and you will share it with those you love who you want to succeed in life. 

The greatest thing about this book is, it really tells you and shows you in a very helpful and useful way, How To Make Big Buck$ Without Selling Your Soul.

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