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Quik Podâ„¢ First Extendable Hand-Held Tripod in the World

The Quik Pod™. was launched only three weeks ago and to the great delight of this modern-day inventor,  Wayne Fromm, it is already fast becoming the hottest number one camera and camcorder accessory for sale this shopping season.  The Quik Pod™ is an item that can be best described as an "extendable hand-held tripod" that lets you properly frame and photograph yourself with your friends and family.  It's a great gift idea that sells for under $30.00.

The goal of Fromm, who has invented and marketed nearly fifty successful commercial products and is particularly known for his toy creations including Disney's Beauty and the Beast Talking Mirror, was to build a compact, handheld tripod. Over one hundred prototypes were created before he successfully manufactured the world's first pocket size extendable, handheld tripod for digital cameras and camcorders, the Quik Podâ„¢. A person simply holds the extended Quik Podâ„¢ with the camera facing their face and the camera takes their photo or video without the help of strangers.

Reaction to the Quik Pod™:  "I see a lot of products and this one stands out as a winner.  It solves an everyday problem for photographers and the general public," says Neil Cohen, a Buyer at J&R Music World/Computer World.

Dave Johnson from PC World - Digital Focus: Holiday Shopping Guide, Part 1 described the Quik Pod™ in such terms: � Take Fromm Works' $25 US, for example. This cool little gadget attaches to the bottom of your camera like a tripod, but it's actually an adjustable extension that lets you take a self-portrait from a comfortable distance away. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it enables you to take better "look-where-I-was" photos than just pointing a camera at your face from arm's length�.

"I took it on a cruise to Cozumel last month and people from all over wanted to buy one.  Even a research scientist from New York wanted to buy one,� says Fromm. "I use it wherever I go. I would buy one even if I hadn’t invented it." 

The Quik Podâ„¢ is made of sturdy polycarbonate and aluminum. It weighs less than 100 grams and comes with a built in self-positioning mirror and hiking clip.

The Quik Pod can be viewed at and on YouTube at . It can also be purchased in store in the USA at J&R Music World/Computer World and Ritz Camera or ordered online at by toll free: 1-800-567-0878. The Quik Pod will shortly be featured again at The Shopping Channel.

PRODUCT DEMO AT J&R Music & Computer World
23 Park Row
N.Y., N.Y  10038

Date: Wednesday Dec. 13

Times: (noon-2pm)

The Quik Pod at

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