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Summer opens with a bang when this year's Black Star News annual book issue is published on June 21, The Black Star News Publishing Company announced today. The newspaper's publisher, Milton Allimadi, also disclosed the formation of a new company, Harlem Business News LLC., the parent company of Harlem Business News Magazine, a new monthly glossy business magazine with the motto "All The News You Need To Grow."

Allimadi also announced the launch of thegroovemag.com an online music publication that will also generate a newsstand version later this fall: the groove's motto is "More Music, More Peace."

"We've obviously been very busy," says Allimadi, in an interview conducted at the company's Wall Street area offices, noting that The Black Star News, a weekly newspaper founded in 1997 with seed funding from Camille and Bill Cosby, will review 50 books – small press, indie/self-published press, university press and major publishers – in the book issue.

Advertisement information for the annual book issue is available by e-mailing a request for mediakits to Milton@blackstarnews.com; or, Brenda@blackstarnews.com; or vernon@blackstarnews.com, or shemmee@blackstarnews.com; or Laila@blackstarnews.com or by calling 212-481-7745.

"We have flexible rates so as to accommodate the budgets of major publishing houses, indies, small presses, university presses and self-publishers," Allimadi adds. "We want everyone to get a chance to promote their book. Those who aren't familiar with our newspaper should visit our newly redesigned website blackstarnews.com." The Black Star News' book issue will print 50,000 copies to be distributed on newsstands, universities, libraries and in bank lobbies in New York City. The Black Star News, sold on newsstands for $1 focuses on investigative news; the newspaper has scored several major news scoops, won several Independent Press Association awards, and been featured on CNN financial news for one of its major news reports. A year's subscription to The Black Star is $55 in New York City and $65 outside NYC.

The new publication, Harlem Business News, with a 50,000 readership, has just published its third issue, the May edition; HBN LLC is working on the June issue, notes Allimadi, who is also HBN's ceo, editor-in-chief and publisher. "The first two issues went like hotcake," he says. "Obviously, there is great hunger and thirst for news about businesses, particularly Black-owned business, allover the country. We chose the name Harlem Business News because of the phenomenal entrepreneurial renaissance in Harlem. Moreover, Harlem, the world's Black Mecca, is our anchor; but the whole world is our canvass."

HBN covers business starts ups; it contains profiles of entrepreneurs who share their experience and some of the challenges they've had to overcome; listings of new stores and restaurants; information about how to access financing; ideas for business partnerships; job listings; articles on diversity in corporate America; and much, much more. Advertising deadline for the June issue is May 29. Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire talk-show host and philanthropist graces the cover of the May edition. HBN wanted to recognize Winfrey's commitment to education by building the $40 million Academy in South Africa. "Oprah is clearly challenging other wealthy Black individuals allover the world to step up and help pull others," Allimadi notes. "We also wanted to repudiate all the Oprah haters out there. The woman can't be everything for everybody."

HBN's May issue also includes an interview with Clarence Nunn, a senior African American executive with GE Co. who talks about employment opportunities for African Americans with the company; and, Macy's Brenda Scott, who discusses opportunities for vendors with the departmental store giant.

Brenda Wyche is managing editor of both The Black Star News and Harlem Business News; Ocen Allimadi is publisher and editor-in-chief of thegroovemag.com  and The Groove.

Harlem Business New's cover price is $3; a one year subscription is $20, which can be made payable to Harlem Business News, 11 Broadway, Suite 519, New York, N.,Y., 10004.

The company can also be reached at 212-422-2352 or harlembusinessnews.com Publisher Allimadi, who is also author of (theheartsofdarkness.com) is a frequent guest on Gary Byrd's "Global Black Experience" radio show and has been on Gil Noble's renowned "Like It Is," program on ABC television.

To subscribe to or advertise in New York’s leading Pan African weekly investigative newspaper, please call (212) 481-7745 or send a note to

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