How Will Infrastructure Act Impact Businesses And Employment?

 $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act creating new opportunities for government contractors.
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ATLANTA (Dec. 30, 2021) –The Biden Administration has recently passed the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act creating new opportunities for government contractors. Vendorship Inc., a company that specializes in helping businesses identify and secure government contracts, is providing tips and advice on how companies can win these projects at the federal, state, city and county levels.

“This historic act creates a next generation of growth not seen since the New Deal,” said Dr. Nazeera Dawood, co-founder and CEO of Vendorship. “Opportunities for government contractors are already opening in January 2022. In fact, Vendorship has already helped clients secure two technology contracts due to the act.”

Nationwide 1 percent of the budget has been allocated to each state, with more funds available for states based on need. Billions of dollars are earmarked for state and local municipalities. According to a recent chart by CNBC based on figures supplied by The White House the top 10 states projected to receive the most money from the Infrastructure Act:

(1) California $44.56 Billion

(2) Texas $35.44 Billion

(3) New York $26.92 Billion

(4) Florida $19.1 Billion

(5) Illinois $17.81 Billion

(6) Pennsylvania $17.8 Billion

(7) New Jersey $13.51 Billion

(8) Ohio $12.83 Billion

(9) Georgia $12.34 Billion

(10) Michigan $10.78 Billion

Priority status has been given to rebuild roads, bridges, manage smart transportation, replace bridges, improve public transportation and add electrical vehicle charging stations. Other industries poised for growth are rural broadband, environmental industries that address sustainable growth/climate change and cyber security.

Now is the perfect time for businesses to pursue contract opportunities, and Vendorship’s experts provide the following advice to increase your chances of being hired:

  • Act now. Local governments are trying to identify vendors right away, so interested businesses should send in their qualifications as soon as possible for consideration. Highlight your flexibility and availability to begin work as early in the new year, as needed. For instance, there are immediate project needs in Atlanta, which is viewed as both a regional transportation hub for the Southeast and an innovation hub.
  • Demonstrate expertise. The government agencies managing these projects want to see contractors beyond the RFP processes. Important relationships need to be built over time. Vendorship asks, “Are you prepared to do business with the government?” versus “Are you prepared to put in an RFP?”
  • Bigger isn’t better. Companies of all sizes secure government contract jobs. If new companies don’t apply for opportunities, government agencies will use their same sourcing lists.
  • Get ready for tech. When the Colonial Pipeline was taken down on May 7, 2020 due to a hack there were gas shortages and shutdowns across the United States. This demonstrated our interdependence on Internet networks and the grid. Local and county governments have been charged with securing municipal and infrastructure networks, along with the establishment of a National Cybersecurity Director.
  • Diversity is a asset. The government is looking for new and innovative solutions and for different approaches from strategic diversity. Innovators can be shy, that’s why some choose companies like Vendorship to build a bridge with government.

“Some of these improvements are desperately needed here,” Dawood continued. “As these areas take the next steps to make their communities safer, local government agencies want to be comfortable that they’re working with the right partners. We can help line up the right partnerships for success.”

Vendorship Inc. is changing the look of government contracting by providing inclusive access to revenue -generating contracts and making those opportunities more open and equitable to all types of companies helping them secure $660 billion in local, state and federal contracts. We make government contracting easy with a customized, methodical, interactive, proprietary, and transparent program. And a knowledge transfer prepares our clients for successful proposal submission every time.

Vendorship’s inside knowledge leads to successful bids on government contracts by handling much of the work. We help align businesses with the right bid requests to set them up for success. 100% of Vendorship clients have bid more on contracts, or have become authorized providers, and have been coached to pitch new technologies to government agencies in need of creative, new solutions. And we’re empowering new companies every day. Interested? Connect with us today at, [email protected], Facebook/vendorship, Linked-in/vendorshipinc or (404) 982-4070.

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