Importance Of Customer Relations

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If you as a business person view your customer and clients as only a source of money, but not as individuals with needs, wants, fears and desires—you’re wrong. Yes, you have a product for sale or have a service to offer at competitive prices. You must have or develop people-skills as well. 

If in your verbal transactions, you are too direct, abrupt or “slick� when in business, your image, representation or brand will be damaged. The customer’s welfare is just as important as the customer’s sale. 

Remember in this economy, money is tight for your actual and potential customers and clients. Even individuals or companies with deep pockets want respect and caring. If your policy is take-the-money-and-run, your view of business in general, and customer relations in particular is warped. Successful businesses handle complaints effectively.

Yes, the saying: “find a need a fill it� is the reason many or most businesses get started. But being in business to solve problems, to offer products and services that make the user better. Believing in the concept that there is a “jungle out there� result in you being too competitive and vicious; make entrepreneurs or companies be perceive you as greedy and uncaring.  

Customer relations means not only giving the right amount of change back and saying thank you, but it also means exchanging damaged products, giving discounts if necessary and making refunds to stay the day—all with a sincere smile. It is a blanket statement that this writer does not believe. That is the concept “the customer is always right.� A better phrase should be: the customer should always be treated right!

What happens when you institute positive customer relations policies in your business dealings? You get repeat sales from the same customers; now they become regular customers. A satisfied customer gives your referrals and recommendations for new business. In other words, being positive and professional leads to more profits. 

From the receptionist to the company’s CEO, your business should be customer-friendly. When you are in business to serve and not exploit—the money will come. There is a famous phrase in the Black community: “What goes around, comes around.� When entrepreneurs patronize other establishments—they now are the customers. Another popular phrase is: “God don’t like ugly.� It may sound corny but it’s the truth. “It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.�

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